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One of my high school English teachers began a writing and composition lesson by writing on the board: “Words have meaning. Write what you mean.” Those words keep swirling around when search engine and content marketing experts recommend a new focus on the content rather than the delivery system. Content written to offer meaning to those who read it instead of focusing primarily on keywords and SEO seems like something that my English teacher would have enjoyed.

The Top 5 for this week include a stop at a BBQ contest in Kentucky while focusing on judging SEO consultants, clients, content and, yes, barbequed chickens.

Paid Product Reviews That Comply with FTC Guidelines

Reviews are crucial to online businesses, but recent studies show that fake reviews can take the impact out of one of your businesses' strongest assets. Read on for an easy to understand overview of the FTC guidelines and strategies on how to keep your reviews clear and powerful.

6 Keys to Getting Higher Quality Content from Your Contributors
In this article the author shares her tricks and secrets as a content coordinator for improving content quality. Without giving away how she does it, let’s just say it begins with improving the content coordinator’s instructions and communications with the contributors.

How to Write Content that Converts
Michelle Lowery admits it sounds like blasphemy, but she’s an advocate of ditching the sales pitch and call-to-action in content in favor of a kinder, gentler and more effective approach to content writing and marketing. Lowery offers a few suggestions on how to create content that holds a site visitor’s attention longer than a sales pitch.

How Many SEO Consultants Actually Know What They’re Talking About?
The staff at SEOmoz went undercover to learn the truth about the current state of the SEO industry. Do SEO consultants live and work by the high standards the industry claims to have set for itself or are the naysayers correct in portraying the industry as unethical? Using a geographically broad sampling of the industry as its launching point, the article takes you through the process SEOmoz used to gather data. Depending on your point of view, the results may surprise you.

What we can Learn from Me Getting Kicked Out of a BBQ Contest
Jay Baer turns his humorous telling of his first experience as a certified barbeque judge into an allegory on using communication, education and training to get people in a company on board with social media and content marketing. Providing clear instructions about wants and needs and not making assumptions about the level of other people’s knowledge transfer surprisingly well from the BBQ pits of Kentucky to a company’s marketing plan.

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