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Monthly archive: 16 2014

Content Strategies for Corporate Advertising

As a corporate advertising professional, you might believe that you’re equipped to compose web content for your firm. After all, you boost companies’ reputations for a living; why wouldn’t you be able to boost your own? However, there are strong arguments in favor of outsourcing your content instead.

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Outsourcing Content for the Sporting Goods Industry

Outsourcing website content creation is a helpful practice for those in the sporting goods industry. When you’re able to post a steady and consistent stream of high-quality material, you’ll find yourself with an ever-increasing base of sports-obsessed customers.

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Using Content to Bring Awareness to the Health and Medical Industry

Whether your website helps users to find exceptional doctors in their area, offers reviews of medications by patients or describes new research about medical conditions, posting fresh content consistently can drive a large amount of traffic to each of your site’s pages.

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The Why and How of Promoting a Travel and Hospitality Business

Are you making the most of your online marketing efforts? If you own a business in the travel and hospitality industry, there's a lot more to it than providing basic information about your company. Now more than ever, it's crucial to provide people with fresh, relevant, engaging information, and the best way to do so is with high-quality content. People who have never been to your destination before will most likely search for information online. This involves activities, places to stay, and local offerings. Be the one they come to for this information. So how do you show up in their searches?

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