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5 Easy Steps to Generate More Web Traffic

If you have a website promoting any type of business, then one of your primary goals is likely to increase web traffic. More web traffic means a wider audience, more leads and more conversions. Generating web traffic can feel overwhelming, but these five easy steps can get you started right away.

Tips for generating more traffic


1. Utilize Guests Posts


Guest posting is a great way to generate more web traffic from people in your targeted industry. Guest posting can work two ways: You can author posts for other blogs or websites, and others can author posts for your online platforms.


If you want to write a guest post for another website, reach out to them directly. Be sure to craft a detailed request and highlight how they can benefit from your contribution. Your guest post can be a way to build your brand, and it can also help you reach a new audience. The inclusion of links can help new readers find your website and increase your traffic.


You can also ask others to write a guest post for your own website or blog. If you have a website about nutrition, for example, you could ask a dietician to contribute an article about something they are passionate about. This content will appeal to your audience, and the author of the post will in turn share it with their social network. It’s a win-win situation that can generate more web traffic for both parties.


2. Encourage Content Sharing


What’s even easier than sharing your content? Having others share your content for you! The goal of content creation should be to address a specific need. If you do that well, readers will want to share it with their peers, industry leaders and friends.


While readers could just cut and paste your website link, you can also use tools that make content sharing even easier. Consider adding a series of sharing buttons at the bottom of each blog post. This makes it simpler for readers to share your content on Facebook, Instagram and other social media networks or through email. You can also include a call to action at the bottom of each post encouraging readers to share your content with others who might find it useful or entertaining.


3.Promote Content on Relevant Social Media Platforms


If you want to generate more web traffic, you should be on at least one social media site. Roughly 2 billion people around the world use social media, and more than 81 percent of Americans have a personal social media profile. If you’re not on social media, then you’re wasting an opportunity to reach a massive audience.


While you don’t need to be on every single social media platform, you should choose the ones that best align with your brand. If you’re focused on visual content, then Instagram might be ideal. If you primarily write long-form business content, sharing articles on LinkedIn can be a smart move.


On social networks, utilize hashtags to draw attention to your content. You can also join forces with influencers, or people who have a large, captive audience in your desired demographic. Working with them may enhance your web traffic dramatically with just a few posts or sponsored advertisements.


4. Don’t Ignore Internal Links


There’s such an emphasis on bringing people to your website that you might ignore the potential for increased traffic once they are already there. That’s why internal links are so critical. Every page on your website should link to at least one additional page somewhere else on the site. This encourages readers to continue learning more about your brand and exploring potential options on the website.


Within a blog post, hyperlink text to open up a new window containing a related post on a similar topic. Or, feature a list of related blog posts on the side of the page. Take the time to check and update these links as time goes on. As new blog posts go up on your website, or new products become available, include links to them in earlier pages. Encourage your audience to stick around and explore the full extent and value of your website.


5. Cross-promote With a Noncompetitive Brand


They say two heads are better than one. In most cases, two brands are also better than one! Many businesses can find allies with noncompetitive brands or websites within their niche industry. Together, you’ll have greater reach and a much bigger audience.


Cross-promotions can run the gamut from sharing each other’s content to dual giveaways on social media. If you have a real estate website, then you might partner up with a furniture staging company. You’re naturally not in competition with one another, but your audience will almost certainly overlap. Link to their products or services, and request that they do the same in return. Not only will you be supporting a fellow business in the field, but you’ll also be boosting targeted traffic directly to your website.


These five easy steps can help you generate more web traffic. Once readers have made it to your website, it takes the right content to keep them there. A Textbroker specialist can help you craft the perfect content to increase traffic and turn leads into conversions.

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