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The 5 Steps to a Successful Content Strategy

For a content strategy to be successful, it has to be documented. Discover what it takes to create a successful content strategy, step-by-step, in this infographic.

For a content strategy to be successful, it has to be documented. That’s what this year’s research from the Content Marketing Institute implies. According to the report’s findings, 53% of marketers with a documented content strategy regard it as effective though only 32% of those questioned actually catalog the time, location, and reason for publishing their content as well as how they publicize it.

Having a clear strategy is an essential element for the success of any content marketing campaign. Given that the content marketing sector is so young, though, there are hardly any well-established routines or courses of practice. Knowing what to include in a content strategy, how it should work, how everything should be integrated and realized – these are all factors that many companies figure out on a “trial and error” basis.

Slowly but surely, however, clearly defined structures are beginning to show: Strategists and advisors are drafting up blueprints for good content strategies. They’re documenting and increasingly developing fixed processes designed to help companies efficiently plan their content, its creation, and the implementation, right from the start. One thing is clear: A content strategy has to exist long before even a single word is written or a social-media post is published. So just how do you get started? Where should you begin? And what exactly should you include in your strategy document?

For anyone who’s looking for a useful overview of the individual steps involved in creating a content strategy or ready to take the first steps in strategical content marketing, Textbroker has compiled all of the most important points together. Discover what it takes to create a successful content strategy, step-for-step, in this infographic:

Content Strategy Steps


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Soumya Rup 21. December 2017 - 11:10

Great points here. Content is so much important today that no online marketer can ignore or bypass it. These pro tips will help new content developers to streamline the entire process, starting from the information gathering, content planning, development and marketing. It has always been about quality, so creating high quality contents is more effective and productive than creating lots of low quality contents.


Cody Christensen 28. December 2017 - 20:27

Glad you found our tips helpful! Thanks for the response!


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