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The Best Location To Write: Coffee Shop, Home or Office?

You need to be productive, but you also want to enjoy your workday. If you are like a lot of writers, you may need some help determining whether a coffee shop, home or office is the best place for writing.

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You can hear the espresso machine whirring as another shot is pulled. Behind you, two friends are catching up over a couple of cappuccinos. Amid the hustle and bustle of the coffee shop, you are trying your best to get work done. Many writers like to earn money while relaxing in a coffee shop, but this may not always be the best location to write.

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While most people did not work remotely until 2020, Textbroker writers have always gotten to enjoy that opportunity. For many the best location for writing is determined by the convenience or cost of that location. If an office is too expensive to rent, you may opt for a coffee shop or home office instead.


Interestingly, there is already some data about where you should work as a freelance writer. In 2012, researchers found that working in a space with a low or moderate amount of ambient noise actually increased an individual’s creative output. Having some level of background noise can also improve your ability to make decisions.


In a 2016 study, researchers found that merely being next to someone who is working hard at a similar task increased the odds that the study participants would do the same thing. In a coffee shop, other patrons are also working on assignments for school and projects for work. Because you are next to people who are also working on their laptops, you are more likely to do the same thing.


Even though working in a coffee shop has its advantages, most workers still prefer working from home more than working at a co-working space or café. In Buffer’s 2020 State of Remote Work report, 80% of remote workers preferred working from home the most. While 9% of remote workers used a company office, 7% of people used a co-working space. Only 3% of remote workers used a coffee shop.

The Best Location For Writing Is The One That Works For Your Needs

The real question is which location for writing addresses your personal needs. If you have a lot of distractions at home, you may need to spend money on a co-working space or a trip to a local coffee shop. Meanwhile, working from home may make sense if you want to save money and have already set up a decent home office. Before you decide where you want to work, consider the following questions.


  • Do you have ongoing care responsibilities? For example, will you need to pay for daycare if you decide to work in a coffee shop?
  • Can you afford to rent an office or co-working space? Are there rental options available within your price range? Especially if it’s the best location to write.
  • How long is your commute to the coffee shop or office?
  • Do you work best with ambient noise or silence?
  • Will you be hosting video chats during your workday?
  • How long do you plan on working each day? Will a coffee shop be comfortable during long workdays?
  • Do you have a space set up where you can work at home?
  • Are your friends and relatives aware of your working hours? More importantly, do they respect your working hours?


When you are a freelance writer, relatives and friends do not always understand that typing on your laptop is genuinely what you do for a living. Unfortunately, it is impossible to work if your loved ones keep stopping by unannounced. Which is why for some, home isn’t the best location to write. In these kinds of cases, it is probably worthwhile to invest in an office space. Some people also find it easier to earn money online when there is ambient noise in the background.


Ultimately, the best location depends on your needs. While working from home is the most popular option, research studies show that working from a coffee shop can be incredibly productive as well. The most important thing is to write in an environment that works for you.


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