AdWords Ad Text

  • AdWords Ad Text: Brief explanation
  • AdWords Ad Text: Detailed explanation
  • How are AdWords displayed?
  • What is important in the creation of AdWords ad text?

AdWords Ad Text: Brief Explanation

Google AdWords is the primary advertising network offered by Google in which businesses can target search users based on their search queries.

AdWords Ad Text: Detailed Explanation

AdWords text ads are the advertiser’s way to draw a click from a search user who searched for a keyword relevant to the advertiser. Ad text can be displayed on the paid search page or on designated display advertising locations. Text ads are displayed in higher positions when their quality score and bid ranks are higher. Quality scores are determined by the quality of the text ad, keywords and landing page as well as how well an ad is performing. It's not always the case that the highest bid gets the top spot. Ad text quality is key.

How are AdWords ads displayed?

Advertisers determine which keywords they want to bid on and write relevant ads corresponding to those keywords. Each ad corresponds to a landing page where the advertiser has a conversion goal set up - a sale, new lead or view of a key page. The goal of an ad is to influence the search user to click and convert on the landing page.

Google’s extensive search algorithm stores each ad and shows it when a search is performed that matches a paid keyword and displays it in an order determined by quality score and bid. Top quality ads that correspond with top bids will be displayed first. Website owners will then pay the publisher based on how many clicks the ad received – otherwise known as cost-per-click or PPC.

Additionally, advertisers may opt to show their ads on the Google display network. Websites opt in to allowing ads to show up on certain spots, and these ads will display in those spots. Ads may be displayed to users who show search habits that reflect their interest in a keyword relevant to that ad.

What is important in the creation of AdWords text ads?

Headline: The headline must consist of a maximum of 25 characters. The headline appears as a hyperlink and will highlight the matching search keywords, drawing the search user’s eye.

URL: The URL must match the top-level domain with the actual landing page. Also, the link may be optimized to match the communication of the display text. The displayed link and URL do not have to match, and it may be advised to plug keywords into the displayed link. The displayed URL may be no more than 35 characters.

Text: Two lines of text, each up to 35 characters in length, may be used for ads. The messaging in this text should be compelling and include a call to action for the search user to click through.

Ad Extensions

Each AdWords account gives advertisers the ability to extend their ad information with phone number, address, site links, blog links and more. These options vary by the type of advertiser, but they provide great ways to increase clicks.