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No one knows your line of business better than you. When it comes to writing about what you do, though, you might find that your on-the-job skills don’t translate into copywriting talent. Perhaps you’re a decent writer, but you don’t have the time or SEO (search engine optimization) knowledge to ensure your online content is at the top of its game. Buying an article rewrite is a reliable way to get content that shows off your expertise and helps you compete in a content-saturated world. No stress, we have you covered when you need to get article rewrites accomplished for your business or brand.

What is an Article Rewrite?


You know that “content is king” online, but you haven’t been able to increase sales traffic or boost your SERP (search engine results page) rankings with your own content. Article rewrites provide an opportunity to turn the knowledge and expertise you’ve tried to share into a compelling content piece. A rewrite includes:

  • Natural, clear writing that readers at different levels can understand

  • Relevant, well-researched keywords that are used just enough to get strong SEO results without keyword stuffing

  • Content that’s matched to user needs and buyer personas

  • Clear, easy-to-read structuring that includes headlines, subheads, lists, tables and more to guide your reader

  • Short sentences that improve reader comprehension

  • Revisions to use active voice instead of passive voice for maximum impact

  • Unique, up-to-date content

  • Holistic content that offers robust text without sacrificing quality and answers key reader questions with no fluff

Article rewrites aren’t just for business leaders who struggle to create their own content. They can also be a great resource for leaders who are simply too busy to devote time to writing, editing and proofreading online content for their enterprises. Rewrites are also a great option if you are in a niche industry and have a hard time finding authors who are familiar with your products or services.

Why is an Article Rewrite Important?


Investing in article rewrites can help your business reach sales, search ranking and consumer confidence goals. After all, writing with SEO in mind is a special skill. Article rewrites combine the strength of your knowledge with the power of effective writing. You know how to talk to your customers face-to-face about what you do or sell. Professional authors know how to talk to your customers online.

Of course, well-written content also helps improve your organization’s overall image. Article rewrites go a long way in ensuring that you’re reaching your audience at every touch point.

Article rewrites can boost your buiness with minimal time invested.

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Five Reasons to Buy Article Rewrites


You know that working with a pro author on article rewrites is a great way to boost your online marketing efforts. Here are five other reasons to buy article rewrites:

You need to save time so that you can focus on your core competencies instead of stressing over content.

You don’t have the writing skills or SEO knowledge required to craft high-quality content.

You have writing skills or SEO knowledge, but you’re just too busy to take care of content on your own.

Your content needs are too great to meet using your organization’s internal resources.

You work in a highly technical field and need help creating articles that people outside your field can understand.

Article rewrites don’t have to be hard. Our authors are here to help you with all of your content needs.

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Where Can I Get Article Rewrites?


Buying content for your website sounds great, but do you know where to get rewrites? There are several options when it comes to outsourcing content creation. Naturally, each has its own benefits and drawbacks. If you work in a large organization with an internal marketing department, you might already have someone on staff who can tackle a rewrite. If not, you may choose to work with a freelance copywriter, an agency or an online content platform.

Freelance copywriters are professionals who have in-depth knowledge of writing for sales and marketing purposes. They understand the ins and outs of SEO and offer writing services tailored to your needs. Working with freelance copywriters offers flexibility. Depending on your industry or location, though, you may have a hard time finding a qualified copywriter to work with.

Online content platforms put hundreds or even thousands of authors at your fingertips. They offer scalable solutions, meaning you can easily get content whether you need to order 10 or 100 articles a month. Online platforms are easy to access and generally offer tiered pricing. They can be a great solution if you need content in another language or want to order content outside of regular business hours. While these platforms boast many benefits, you might find that it’s hard to identify the right author for your job.

Agencies help match clients with experienced writers who can meet their needs. Working with a writing agency is much like using a concierge. You describe what you need to your primary contact at the agency, and that individual identifies the best writer for the job. You’ll likely work with the same person or team anytime you have a content need. However, working with an agency can be expensive since they tend to have higher overhead costs than either freelancers or online platforms.

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Why Textbroker?

If you don’t know if you should choose an online content platform or an agency, consider a hybrid model. Textbroker offers both self-service and internally managed content ordering options. Our client support team can recommend qualified authors and walk you through the process of creating open orders, direct orders and team orders. We also offer managed client solutions if you struggle to find time to place orders or review what authors have sent you. Additionally, Textbroker offers:

  • streamlined ordering,

  • scalability so you can finish both large and small projects,

  • pay-per-word pricing instead of fixed-cost pricing,

  • an incredible selection of authors with knowledge in many different areas,

  • content available in 36 languages as well as translations available in every language of the world,

  • a built-in duplicate content check to prevent plagiarism and

  • easy account setup with no paperwork.

Article Rewrites FAQ


There is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to article rewrite length. The length of your article depends on a number of factors, including the type of content and keywords. For example, a blog post would be much shorter than a buying guide or e-book. You may also need to adjust the length depending on the keywords you want to use. The more keywords you need to be incorporated, the longer the rewrite should be to prevent keyword stuffing.

How much do article rewrites cost?
The cost of article rewrites varies greatly depending on the length of the article, the author’s expertise, and the level of quality needed. In general, working with an agency is more expensive than ordering from an online platform or working with a freelancer. Textbroker offers content at four quality levels with different price points for each level.

How do I choose the right keywords for my article rewrite?
It’s important to conduct keyword research before hiring an author for an article rewrite. There are many tools online that will help you identify keywords. Looking at competitor websites can also be useful. Choose a mix of low- and high-competition keywords. If you use only high-competition keywords, you’ll have a hard time getting the SERP rankings you want. Textbroker’s Topic Intelligence tool is a great place to start your keyword research.

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