Author Insights: The Blueprint to Success

You think you don't know about any of the topics listed today, and you need to speed up your writing process? Here are encouraging tips for times when you feel there are no orders you can write because you don't know enough about a topic.

1. You know more than you realize.

At first, I thought I would be writing mostly computer technology-related articles, but soon knowledge and experiences I had forgotten began awakening. Every few months, I would realize hey, I know about the finer points of something like mutual funds because I have had excellent advisors since opening my first one. That doesn't make me an expert, but I can write a killer blog packed with tips that novice investors would not know to pursue.

So it went for other orders. A hobby article with an open topic became how to cross stitch, something I had not done in eons. The logic my mother taught me in weighing financial decisions led to writing content on budgets, building savings and teaching young children money management early. I began to view orders from the perspective of what Idoknow.

You also have background knowledge that will awaken.

2. Keep tabs on auxiliary information in your research, those things that jump out at you but that you do not need now.

Eventually, you will be able to say, wow, I read about that topic in several sources. I can write this one. For example, when reading studies, I noticed several rabbit trails I longed to travel but had not the time... until clients began posting orders for addiction-related topics. I got started on a team using information I had learned while reading. Never discount the value of what you think you don't know, but build your knowledge base as you go.

Until you reach 5 star, your learning curve is wide. Gradually, we learn to ride with a tight rein on our quills. You signed up here. You can do this. You can.

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Hello Authors! We hope everyone has had a wonderful week. We are so excited to bring you a guest blog post from Textbroker’s very own author I’mTheOne! I’mTheOne has graciously offered to share some stellar advice, and we are thrilled to share her insights with all of you.




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