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Author Spotlight – mcwalker4

Hello Authors!


We’re delighted to feature another author for our series of Author Spotlight blogs. We love recognizing our authors, and today’s featured author, mcwalker4, is a hardworking writer who’s built great relationships and written quality content on Textbroker since signing up.


As always, we’re on the lookout for more authors to feature, so keep up the hard work!


Author Spotlight #6: Get to know mcwalker4.


Tell us a bit about yourself. (hobbies, interests, etc.)


My hobbies include crocheting, reading, and baking. I also spend a lot of free time going to my kids’ football games and marching band performances.


How did you hear about Textbroker, and how long have you been a Textbroker author?


I just marked my seventh year as an author for Textbroker. I heard about Textbroker through word-of-mouth from friends who also work from home.


What is your favorite book or blog? Why?


My favorite book is “The Story of An African Farm” by South African feminist writer Olive Schreiner. It is not only interesting and entertaining to read but also offers one of the more compelling arguments about women’s value in society aside from being a wife and mother.


What piece of advice would you give to a new Textbroker author?


Realize that you are not alone as a Textbroker author. It is easy to assume that you are on your own and that you must figure out things like formatting challenges or grammar questions on your own. You actually have fantastic resources like the author’s forum and Textbroker University available to you.  Use those writing resources and interact with your fellow writers in the forum. You’ll find yourself at ease and eager to write in no time.


In your opinion, how does an author get the most out of his or her Textbroker experience?


Join writing teams, and do not be afraid to write about topics with which you are not familiar. Use these unfamiliar topics as an opportunity to research and learn. You will gain value and knowledge as a writer and become more lucrative to direct order clients.


What piece of advice would you give to an author looking to improve their rating/increase their earnings?

Always proofread.  It is so easy to miss simple mistakes that can impact your rating.  Take those few extra minutes when you finish an article to proofread, correct mistakes, and eliminate fluff before you submit an order.


You wake up to a zombie apocalypse. What do you do?


I’d like to say I’d be a brave fighter and rush out to join the battle.  In reality, I’d probably be the first one speeding down the highway to get the heck out of Dodge.  I’d probably end up shooting myself in the foot if I had to aim and fire at a zombie’s head.


We’d like to give a special thank you to mcwalker4 for taking part in this month’s Author Spotlight. Stay tuned for upcoming interviews with exemplary authors! If you have questions you’d like us to include in next month’s Spotlight, send them to [email protected].

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