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Author Spotlight: SamBass

Save the comma drama for your mama! SamBass is here to tell us the secret to her Textbroker success!

Hello Textbroker Authors!

Today, we bring to you the fourth in a series of many Author Spotlights. We want to take a moment every month and recognize an author who has shown great enthusiasm and growth since first signing up.

We are keeping our eyes peeled for future spotlights, so keep working hard – you might be next!

Author Spotlight #4: Get to know SamBass, a 5-star author with a wealth of experience here at TB.

Tell us a bit about yourself. (hobbies, interests, etc.)

To say that I’m Texas born and bred isn’t a brag. Everyone loves their home, and I’m lucky to have more than 280,000 square miles of room to roam. From the high plains of our Panhandle to our fertile Rio Grande Valley, I love to camp, fish and chase trophies at barbecue cook-offs.

How did you hear about Textbroker, and how long have you been a Textbroker author?

Kicking the tires before making a decision always pays off. I did my due diligence back in 2012, and I’ve never had any regrets. Content providers don’t always enjoy a sterling reputation. Textbroker was and still is the most respected player in this game. That sounds like fangirl talk, but it’s based on my experiences and my success here with TB.

What is your favorite book or blog? Why?

Steven Johnson isn’t an author who registers on everybody’s literary radar, but he wrote an incredible book titled Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software. I read it again every few years because it’s that good. Blogs come and go, but I like Kirk Deeter. His Field and Stream blogs always put me in the mood to leave Houston behind for some great fishing.

What piece of advice would you give to a new Textbroker author?

Believe in yourself. You can do this. You wouldn't be reading right now if your desire to write didn’t whisper in your ear. That’s an odd way to put it, and better authors call it their muse, but it’s simply something inside of you that deserves to be recognized. It has value, and nurturing it is very satisfying. Also, it can pay off, so there’s that.

In your opinion, how does an author get the most out of his or her Textbroker experience?

Always give it your best. Don’t let the ups and downs rule your dedication to your craft. Understand that most clients aren’t crazy, disconnected or trying to take advantage. If you have a concern, reach out. If that doesn’t work, let it go. There will always be new clients, new orders and new opportunities.

What piece of advice would you give to an author looking to improve their rating/increase their earnings?

Pay attention to your feedback from TB editors. Conquer the comma drama. Know that standards here are high because they keep us viable in a very crowded digital world. We do well because Textbroker provides a consistent platform for a countless variety of clients and writers. You and I make all the difference when we do our best.


We’d like to give a special thank you to SamBass for taking part in this month’s Author Spotlight. Stay tuned for upcoming interviews with exemplary authors! If you have questions you’d like us to include in next month’s Spotlight, send them to

For more information on conquering the dreaded “comma drama,” check out our handy comma cheat sheets

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86928 6. March 2016 - 3:16

I just want to add that Arnold is also just a very nice person who is always willing to lend a helping hand to newbies and oldies alike. We all love our Arnold!


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