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What does Textbroker pay to its freelance authors?

Textbroker offers authors several options to get paid to write online. Based on your content quality, our editors rate your articles between 3 and 5 stars. Since Textbroker regularly reviews and rates your articles, it is possible to continuously increase your rating and earn more for each word you write. You are your own boss!

To work as an author for Textbroker US, you must be a permanent resident of the United States and provide a valid US ID and/or US Passport.

Get paid to write! Your earnings at a glance

Choose from thousands of orders and get paid to write based on your quality level.

Earnings per word depend on quality level.

1.1 cents/word
1.6 cents/word
5.5 cents/word
DirectOrders happen when you impress the client and they want to use you personally.

You set your rate per word regardless of your quality level.

minimum 2.2 cents/word
TeamOrders are available to any author on the Team on a first come, first served basis.

The client sets the earnings per word for the Team.

minimum 2.15 cents/word

You can request a pay-out at any time during the week, as long as your Textbroker balance is $10 or more. Pay-outs are processed twice per week. Please see our Terms of Services for more information. Please note that as an independent contractor, you are responsible for any and all taxes on your income.

Average pay of a 4-star-author

Even experienced professionals can create a profitable business with Textbroker. Our sales and marketing team recruits clients every day – this means thousands of new content writing opportunities for you to earn money online. You decide whether to select from our vast OpenOrder pool in your quality level, write DirectOrders for specific clients, or work on a project in a Team.


1.6 cents/word
3 – 5 cents/word
2 – 5 cents/word

Calculate your OpenOrder earnings

Calculate how much you earn with your content in the OpenOrder-category.




    Word counter (1000)



    Is Textbroker legit?

    Yes, Textbroker is a legitimate platform that has been connecting freelancers with work since 2005. We maintain a positive reputation among writers and clients because we employ quality control measures and ensure payment for assignments completed. We have given hundreds of thousands of opportunities to our authors to make money writing for big companies like eBay, Yoast, Staples, BJ’s Wholesale club, and more.

    We’re thankful to our thousands of freelancer authors for accompanying us on this exciting journey. If you want to start writing with Textbroker, we have plenty of training resources to help refresh and improve your writing skills. We’ll be there for you every step of the way, as we want you to earn more money writing. That way, our clients get optimal content, and all sides benefit.


    Is Textbroker the right opportunity for you?

    Whether you’re a novice writer just starting your career or an established author, Textbroker offers a reliable way to get paid to write. We provide a platform where your skills are recognized and compensated accordingly. If you’re looking for a great way to make money on the side or even a full-time opportunity, we would love to have you sign up! Here are some great reasons to work with Textbroker.

    Textbroker gives you a fast, reliable, and competitive way to earn money by writing

    We’re transparent about what you can earn writing on our platform. We understand the importance of reliable and timely payments, so you can trust that your efforts will be compensated promptly. We release author payments twice a week, every week. That means you can focus on what you do best — writing! Once you have money in your account, you only need to request a payout via your author page. You’ll see detailed payout information on your page, which makes it easy to keep track of what you’re earning.

    Get paid to write articles on your time

    We understand that life can get busy, and things come up constantly with family, work, and other responsibilities. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering exceptional scheduling flexibility. You can write when you have time to write. Here at Textbroker, we believe in “getting out what you put in.” We have authors who work anywhere from a few hours a week to 40 or more. The beauty of freelancing with Textbroker is that you have control over how much content you write and when you write it. There is no limit to how much you can earn on our platform.

    You can write about what interests you

    Writing with Textbroker allows you to make money writing about topics you understand, care about, and/or genuinely enjoy. Do you have experience with a specific topic? You can add “tags” reflecting your subject matter expertise to your author profile, which clients can view. Our platform provides a space where you can turn your passion and knowledge into a source of income. Textbroker strives to make the writing experience enjoyable by matching you with clients in your chosen industries. If you just write for the love of writing, there are plenty of general topic orders to pick up.

    Get paid to write with Textbroker

    Getting started with Textbroker is easy and free using our author registration form. We first determine where you are in your career by asking several grammar questions and requesting a sample of your writing. You can begin writing once you log in and create your payment account on our platform. After you write 5 articles, you will get your author rating of either 3 or 4 stars and be free to pick up different articles and even join teams. After writing with us for a while, we’ll review your performance to see if you’re eligible for a higher star level where you could earn more money.

    The content you create needs to be original, as we check for plagiarism, grammar, or use of artificial intelligence (AI) in creating the piece. We highly recommend that you double-check and even triple-check your content since we’ll be using grammar as a significant benchmark for the quality of your work. That’s where wonderful programs like Grammarly come in. The higher your rating as an author, the more money you make. That’s why we encourage you to put your best foot forward with the first 5 articles. As long as you keep writing high-quality content, you could be a 5-star author before long! If you have any questions, the FAQ section is here for you.

    Is Textbroker a secure way to make money with AI around?

    Yes, Textbroker is a haven for real people to make real money from writing content without the use of artificial intelligence. You may be wondering, since anyone and everyone can write using AI, is human-generated content important? The answer is simple: Writing is not necessarily of good quality just because it was generated by AI. There are plenty of flaws in artificial intelligence writing content, including bias and AI hallucinations, in which false information is generated and presented as fact. Even Google is wary of using AI for content writing. So, don’t expect ChatGPT and the like to replace writer jobs any time soon.

    AI is far from perfect when it comes to creating content, and our clients know this. That’s why they trust Textbroker to guarantee human-created content. We expect our freelancers to understand that we expect them to create original work. While the primary focus of our authors is creating original work, we’re adopting AI for specific clients interested in human-enhanced, AI-generated content. If you specialize in enhancing AI-generated content, don’t worry — there is a place for your talents on our platform. We do have specialized teams that focus on AI-created content.

    Register for free today and see why Textbroker offers a great opportunity to make money writing on your own schedule.

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