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Avoiding the Briefing Blues

When faced with a difficult order briefing or a frustrating revision request, it is important to keep in mind the wealth of resources available to you.

Hello Authors!

It is easy to feel helpless when you come across an order briefing that is difficult to decipher. It’s been a while since we discussed the trials and tribulations of interpreting order briefings on the blog. Let’s start from the beginning. When you pick up an order, Textbroker allows you ten minutes to decide whether or not to commit to writing the article. This time window provides the perfect opportunity to completely scope the order out.

Try it! With the next order you pick up, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I understand what type of content the client is asking for?
  2. Do I need any additional information/clarification from the client in order to write the article?
  3. Am I using previously obtained knowledge, or do I need to research this topic?

There are situations where contacting the client is the sole appropriate course of action. Some examples of these situations are:

a) Misspelled keywords. (This is often done purposefully for SEO reasons.)

b) The occurrence of broken links.

c) Word count issues (such as asking for an increase).

d) Confusing or contradictory order instructions.

e) Advice on the factual content of an order.

Revision Requests

Revision requests can come from one of two places: clients or Textbroker staff.

Textbroker staff traditionally sends revision requests when a large section of copied content is detected. In this case, if you still feel the revision is unfair, please send a message outlining the issue to Author Services ( We understand revision requests can be taxing. It’s easy to get frustrated when you feel there is a miscommunication between you and the client. While it may seem tempting to refer to Author Services to referee the situation, it is important to remember that Author Services sees the same set of instructions you do. While clients may not always reply as promptly as you would like, there are many decisions that only they can make. In these situations, patience is key.

When faced with a difficult order briefing or a frustrating revision request, it is important to keep in mind the wealth of resources available to you. For help on inserting images into orders or using HTML, visit our HTML Tutorial Blog. If you have questions on comma usage, feel free to peruse our Comma Cheat Sheets.

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639757 24. May 2016 - 18:23

Sorryplease remove all my comments! That was not to go on here.Thanks so much.



639679 25. May 2016 - 0:01

I think I needed this. Thanks!


Malik Wilson 1. February 2018 - 21:48

I cannot find information about multi-level marketing companies within a specific country. There are no links to guide me in the right direction either. What am I supposed to do? I have only 20 hours to complete this assignment and I am a fourth of the way there (it’s a six page assignment at the most). Should I report the order?


Cody Christensen 1. February 2018 - 22:50

For questions regarding orders it’s best that you contact author services directly at For more urgent issues, we do provide live chat during our business hours. Hope this helps, thanks!


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