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7 Creative Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks With Expert Luis Duato

Digital Marketing League Commissioner, and Textbroker CEO Phillip Thune, welcomed Luis Duato of Dropalia to discuss the importance of backlinks in your SEO strategy. The inaugural virtual conference was powered by Textbroker and friends.

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[00:00:02.510] – Luis

Well, hello, everyone, welcome to the presentation. First of all, I wanted to say thank you to Textbroker for having me here. It’s such a pleasure, such a pleasure to be in front of all of you guys. And I hope you will get something valuable from this. OK, so I’m going to be talking about some creative ways of doing international link building in 2020. This is how we take in international building or at least in the creative part of things.


[00:00:34.070] – Luis

So, as I said before, that’s our take. And you don’t have to follow to the T. You can be more creative than the creativeness that we are providing. And so how do you like it?


[00:00:48.470] – Luis

First of all, for those of you who might not know me, which I’m pretty sure that it’s full of you guys, my name is Luis Duato. I’m that guy in the picture and I’m twenty-four years old from Valencia, which is a city in Spain. It’s the best city in Spain. So in case someone asks you, it’s not Barcelona that can, it’s Valencia. So you know what to say next time. And my Twitter account, it’s at least a of don’t ask me for the ten in the name it was many, many years ago.


[00:01:23.840] – Luis

And as Cody said before, I’m the head associate editor of the Dropalia, which is Alicante basis, your company, which specialized in your technical issue. And we also ran different experiments and techniques through the lab where we applied those techniques to our need sites, to different websites. And we’ve come up with some different good looking building tactics that we’re going to be discussing today, some of them at least. So I hope you all enjoy, first of all, what’s building.



It’s basically the process of securing a link on another website back to your own side. It’s kind of a quote from one website to another. So the more links you have from authoritative sources, the better your own website will perform. OK, so the more the better. However, it’s really more the quality over quantity. OK, we’ll talk more about this later. But to get the point right and what the school will say about this, well, it basically says that you cannot do the building.


[00:02:32.030] – Luis

You can manipulate, you cannot pay for things even though they scrape our websites, and so on. But they say do so in theory. You should follow the guidelines. So what can you do here if you want? If you cannot buy a single size, you have to be creative. But the thing is that you can buy links, you can be creative and you can do it naturally. So you can be more trustworthy. You can have a better website, you can run higher for different keywords.


[00:03:04.940] – Luis

But as I said, you have to do it correctly. OK, so in this presentation, we’re going to be focusing more in the creative part of things. However, I’m going to be discussing just briefly two key points when buying links that you should be taking into account. OK, so if you buy links in our case, when we are going international, when we’re doing international campaigns, we are always using trusted partners, OK, we’re not affiliated with them.


[00:03:35.630] – Luis

They don’t pay me anything. It’s just the tactics, techniques, or platforms that we are using. So this platform is going to amplify. They are specialized in international campaigns, especially in the United States, English speaking countries, also in Spain. And the cool thing about this website or the platform is that you can see the websites before buying. You can see the names of the websites so you can check for traffic metrics, power, and you can pretty much get any kind of high quality natural link.



They will get it for you. So it’s pretty amazing. We’re getting a ton of good results internationally.


[00:04:17.810] – Luis

And if you’re working now the English syrup’s, you will know by now that they are pretty competitive. So you need good high-quality backlinks and they’ll have traffic. So that’s pretty good by this site. And if you do upgrades in case you’re doing outreach, I suppose that you’re doing it manually right now. So good. This management tool that we’re using now, it’s called Link Affinity, which is basically a way to automate upgrades. They are using A.I., which gets you on prospects.


[00:04:55.370] – Luis

They get in touch with websites for you. And it’s really a game changer for the companies that we are trying. Just go right now, so if you combine those two, that’s a kickass website that you’re going to have and I’m pretty sure that you will, like, outrank any competitor that you might have.


[00:05:17.550] – Luis

So the first technique is to follow the affiliate. OK, this is one of the seven techniques that we’ll be discussing. Forty-five minutes, 40 minutes. So, as I said before, the first one is to follow the affiliate. The reason behind it is because they are extremely creative. They are good CEOs and they already know which links work and which ones don’t. So that’s something to take into account. So if you have a low budget or you just want to get high quality links and not pay for them, then you have to follow the athlete.


[00:05:52.650] – Luis

You have to try to be sneaky and try to copy them and to replicate the links that they are using that that you know, that they work because they have traffic in their websites. And it’s a technique that you can really apply to any country. So it’s a really good thing, at least to you to have in mind, for example, if you go into the service, you can search for comparative Laski class 2020. Even you can do the same in Germany.


[00:06:20.460] – Luis

You can do the same in Italy. And of course, in the states. The United States go for best keyword plus 2020. And here in Spain, we’ve looked up for the best vacuum cleaners in 2020. And these two websites will be the equivalent, so to speak, to the Tembisa dot com kind of websites. OK, we are not focused on technology, but they are focused more like really horizontal topics, rather. And if you take those we’re using here, VPN because we don’t want to get mixed results.


[00:06:55.260] – Luis

For example, if you are in Italy and you search for those kind of queries, then you could get mixed results. And if you run them through Riff’s, you will see that they have a ton of traffic. They’ve recently been hit by some kind of update or I don’t know. But as you can see, they still have huge amounts of traffic. There are pulling plus one hundred a month according to trips. But you don’t have to really focus on the amount of traffic.


[00:07:22.800] – Luis

And even though they have a small hit, you want to check for the referring domains. OK, so if you go into domains and you start looking for the following domains you’ll notice that they have this buckling right here, which is AVR eighty eight. It’s coming from the national Spanish television website, which, by the way is really, really bad.


[00:07:46.020] – Luis

So if you want to get a nice backlink, do follow backlinking from an authoritative resource, then you can go here and if you go into the URL, you’ll notice that it’s a perfectly normal comment. But they’ve included the HTML keyword and context and hide it with the manager so the people behind the website don’t see it. But as you can see here, it’s Riff’s Get Set and of course, you will get it and it’s a backlinking from a nice high authoritative website that it’s targeting the miscellaneous critics and is and it’s Yeah.


[00:08:28.890] – Luis

Targeting the homepage. So you don’t have to really worry about getting penalized or anything like that.


[00:08:35.730] – Luis

OK, if you go into the other website that we took from the service, you will notice here that we have your NITI, which is BTE dot com kind of resolved, that it’s getting indexed and it’s giving this website and do follow backlink from like out of thin air. So how do they get them?


[00:08:59.590] – Luis

Like this one, OK, they get it to us because this is a kind of an alternative to to the to Google, but these search engine alternative to Google, as I said before, also it gets invested in Google so you can manipulate the queries to get your results and then go through next year, next year or any next year of your own choice and then forcing indexation to get a nice custom. Do follow backlink from your from AVR NITI.


[00:09:34.720] – Luis

OK, so that’s something you can really play with. You can be different footprints. You can get a ton of different search engines, an alternative to Google. You can do the same in being images. You can do the same with different high authoritative news media sites that have the own search engines. So it’s really something nice to play with. OK, the second one is to let the spammers do the work that’s more or less like the affiliates want.


[00:10:03.970] – Luis

But if you know it’s people is it’s really the best spammers in the world. They use techniques. They use fillings from high quality domains. They only analyze. This is a kind of a recommendation, only analyze the ones that do have traffic, OK, because you want the domains that are actually working for them, not the ones that are getting penalized for it.


[00:10:30.280] – Luis

And I will recommend you to only use this strategy for a certain strategy that I will explain at the end of the presentation because it’s not something you will get penalized for, but you have to be really careful how you’re using it. OK, for example, here you have the typical URL with a lot of ongoing links going to any kind of topic, unrelated topic to any kind of website. And if you get these URL for well, in reverse and then you filter by outgoing domains and organic traffic, then you start exploring and then you get things like that.


[00:11:11.980] – Luis

For example, this is a domain at the end domain, which is seventy two and it’s pulling plus twenty K of traffic a month. So it’s, it looks somehow suspicious. OK, you should analyze this kind of Putnis or these kind of domains here. You can see, as you can see, they are ranking in Vietnam. They are having a high authoritative domain rating sorry, they’re pulling seven K of organic keywords segment and plus 20 K of organic traffic every single month.


[00:11:49.570] – Luis

I’ve not talked about these before, but the Vietnamese spammers are the best of the world. Russians are also pretty good. You can get a lot of high quality domains from there in the United States. They are doing it really good in terms of spamming and Spain also. But in Vietnam, they are getting crazy links from crazy sites that you would never imagine. So keep an eye on these kinds of websites, because I’m sure you’re going to get a lot of ideas and a lot of riffing domain ideas.


[00:12:24.640] – Luis

Right. So as you can see, they’ve recently had a hit, OK, it’s something normal because they use the churn and burn technique. And even though they have been pretty stable and increasing over the last year. So one year and a half, I would say. So that tells you that they’re giving domains that are working for them. So let’s keep an eye on those whiffing domains that, as you can see, they’re getting everything domain.


[00:12:51.910] – Luis

So domains or backlinks from YouTube, from Google Maps, from Bitly, Mozilla, Google Drive, and so on. And they are all do follow domains. So why don’t you just start digging into this kind of backlinks




? Do they look unnatural for you to like to have a YouTube channel and suddenly have a YouTube ad or that it’s giving you? I do follow Berkely. I don’t think so. That looks natural for me. Or Google Maps backlinking for your local website.


[00:13:22.380] – Luis

That’s incredible, right? Because it’s not something really bad. You’re not hacking anything. You’re not inserting links in any kind of website. You’re not doing something illegal. Right. So to follow backlinking from the other ninety eight and they are also Google property, so that’s killing two birds with one stone. I will say the next one, for example, if you keep scrolling down, you’ll notice here also the Congress hold, they do follow buckling and also you will, you will see one.


[00:13:59.420] – Luis

Buckling of your knee, which are really good for ranking nowadays, and also New York State Office of General Services from the government, so it’s a dot gov. Ninety one to follow backing that you can get to this by replacing that of the Vietnamese domain by the title of your own website. And then you run them through your own indexer and that’s it. You get the backlinking, you get really high, powerful backing the third one. It’s what I call kharma links.


[00:14:34.280] – Luis

It’s somehow based in the fact that you held the world and the world rewards you with the link. Really easy to get. They cost you a little bit of money. And again, they are available in every single country, in all countries. For example, this has something to do with donations. And they are really, really specific because, for example, this is an association of pet association.


[00:15:03.710] – Luis

So if you have a pet website, it doesn’t matter if it’s an affiliate website or just pure informative content, then you want to get these kinds of links because they are really natural. They look really natural. They are topic related to your website and they cost you nothing. So even though that they might do they might not pull traffic for you, they are good to get OK because they diversify your profile here. You always want to go for footprints, just footprints and shirts for different queries that will help you to get more links, more, more, more karma links.


[00:15:41.750] – Luis

In this case, we’re looking for these bets right, right here, which is the guide. But if you go into their website, you will see that it’s kind of a non-profit organization. And if you run it through trips, you’ll see that they are pulling a ton of traffic. They are getting like a crazy amount of woofing domains. And it’s NITI. So you want a backlink from this kind of advice and it’s free also. So, well, low budget.


[00:16:08.210] – Luis

And as I said before, you go for footprint’s donate plus keywords on your makeup, donation, anything you want. And you find something like this, like our partners, they have in the specific landing page for Second Life, something really cool to have. And it’s not a form, links or a long form. It’s really something that it’s on top of a history. Right. A story that they are talking, they are presenting, they are doing a nice action.


[00:16:44.420] – Luis

So that’s not something that you will get penalized for. OK, so don’t worry. The fourth one is the calculator technique. This is based on the technique of having an asset so that people coming back to you. It’s pretty, pretty cost effective because people love data. People love to you link to all their resourceful, I mean, useful, you know, pages. And it works again for all different countries. And it’s also a really good magnet for journalists, for media, for a new site because they are always looking for data in their article.


[00:17:23.060] – Luis

So you want to have one asset like this could be any photography, it could be a calculator or it could be anything that you come up with and just slice it and make it visible. And for example, if you go into the weight loss topic, the weight loss serves. I’m pretty sure that, you know, these kinds of calculators that calculate your weight with your body mass index regarding your gender, your weight, your head, your age, and so on.


[00:17:58.430] – Luis

But the cool thing here is that they are using one kind of little box at the end of the calculator, below the calculator that help the people to integrate this calculator in their own websites. So it’s just copy and paste. You’re doing it like really easy for them to hit. You’re making it really easy for them to copy and paste and to put it back for you. And they are not even noticing. So why not? And if you think that this is really expensive, like, oh, I don’t know how to code, I don’t even know how to change the color of the buttons on my website, then don’t worry, because Embattle or Kanyon got you covered.


[00:18:45.260] – Luis

You’ll have different calculators. You can even choose your different topics. Here you have cardiology, you have something related with AIDS pregnancy. So you have here three different niece nieces that you. And pick up and, you know, and use the calculator, and as I said before, you can use any kind of link asset for people to link back to your website and to use so first well before doing it, think about the possible uses that these kind of assets might have for other people.


[00:19:19.760] – Luis

So, yeah, I would say that. If it won, it’s to be the source. Those are basically to how to get feelings, extremely high quality, contextual and relatively easy to get. It takes two clicks literally, and it would get you as far as getting four links, IBM links or anything of those kinds, because it’s as easy as signing up for these kind of websites.


[00:19:53.330] – Luis

And what they basically do is to connect a source with a journalist. So there is journalese from, let’s say, Forbes, that it’s looking to write an article about businesses or maybe beauty businesses in Spain, how they are affected and so on. And you have a website talking about beauty. Then you can connect with these journalists and your reply to the request, and that’s it. If they’d like your reply, you will get the back and you will get credit for.


[00:20:27.590] – Luis

And it’s basically like getting free backlinks, just like in no time in two clicks. And if you’re going internationally, then you can do the same for Spain, for  Italy, for France, for any kind of country. And this is called Reportero. But I think they are more European focused. So you can look up on the Internet, you can search in Google platforms, or if you don’t have reported or you don’t even want to sign up for these kind of websites, then you can go to a Twitter search for different operators.


[00:21:02.300] – Luis

Your request plus weight loss. You can tweak it like Google and you will come up with these different results, different tweets from people that are looking for this kind of replies from people that have businesses and so on. Maybe or rather sometimes these journalists don’t know these kind of websites. So they go to Twitter and publish it. And then it’s your job to pull all of those requests and reply to the ones that’s the most for you.


[00:21:42.770] – Luis

The sixth one is to use footprints, the footprints. I would say it’s the most underrated form of getting backlinks.  Nowadays, you can get a ton of free backlinks from government sites, from media sites, from anything that you might imagine. But you have to use them correctly and by correctly, I mean to try to use it footprint’s by looking at the source code of the index. It results, not using them in Google. OK, so for example, if you know, that it’s really good and you know that their websites are really lucrative, then and if you know one website of theirs, then you can try to get one kind of footprint in their website, maybe a plugin that it’s building for them or is fully customized or anything like that, and then try to use that footprint to go and to look for the source code so that they repeat that source code in all of the websites.


[00:22:51.020] – Luis

And by using these kind of platforms, you will be able to get all of the lists from these kind of guys and to pull all the network of sites that they might have. So they are pretty, pretty useful. And a few months ago, you could get by using these footprints, these kind of footprints. You could get  back from Lehman dot if ah, which if you don’t know it’s it happens to be the best and the high or the most authoritative news media site in France.


[00:23:22.730] – Luis

And you cannot get any better than this. I mean, getting beveling from them on, it’s like getting a bag full of backlinking from Forbes’ for you to have the comparison. And as I said before, up until a few months ago, you could you could create a free block in there, sub domain public anything that you want. And of course, with a do follow back to your website. Now, it doesn’t work anymore. They are removing it because of the spammers.


[00:23:54.980] – Luis

So congratulations. But, yeah, you sometimes can take full advantage of these footprints and, you know, and get this kind of backlinks that are really useful. So just be mindful that Google is plenty of I mean, it’s full of different opportunities every time they are having more and more problems in their website.  So it’s your job to take advantage of those errors in their websites and try to get a backlink from them sometimes people say that sub domains buckling don’t work anymore.


[00:24:36.900] – Luis

But trust me that we’ve run experiments with trying to run different websites only with  backlinkss from sub domains. And they were perfectly OK. They might not do get us for us. Gestapo’s in the subdirectory, but trust me that they were really well received. One and this is a technique that I mentioned in the well at the beginning of the presentation. It has to do with ranking newspaper articles. This is a game changer. This is the last thing that we’re trying to do right now.


[00:25:10.740] – Luis

And it’s just basically buying high quality Gestapo’s in editorial links, maybe Forbes’ again, and you only have to make sure that they run in your knees, meaning, for example, if you’re talking about business, you could go with Forbes and then you can buy high. Well, you can buy an article there and try to optimize try to do a sequel to that article, because that will help you or that will help the article to run higher in the first place in the first parts of the world.


[00:25:42.420] – Luis

Serb’s, for that specific query and then just rinse and repeat, then buy and all the different buckling from another editorial article or site and just do the same and take over the first page of Google and you’ll have a nice asset of different high quality newspaper articles that are linking back to you that are pulling traffic and that also get you commissions because sometimes they allow you to include your affiliate stuff and so on if they don’t really notice it. OK, so this is really a good technique.


[00:26:17.640] – Luis

And you can also add some PBM links to tier two and you can pretty much do anything because these kind of sides really absorb all of the toxicity from bad domains or any kind of those things, any kind of those backlinkings. So you can use more savvy techniques or more negative techniques to rank those newspaper articles and then to increase the power and the trust of your of your link in that article. In that editorial article. So just to finish it up, some random tips for you.


[00:26:58.290] – Luis

You can use all of these techniques internationally and you can use international links to rank internationally. I mean, if you’re trying to run in Italy, for example, you can use Spanish links to run in Italy. If you’re trying to rank in Norway, you can use backlinks to rank in Norway because it doesn’t really look as natural for Google too. Maybe a Spanish media site or Spanish editorial site to link to an English site, because maybe they’ve released a new product that it’s getting mainstream or I don’t know, you can justify however you want, but it’s not something that uncommon to see.


[00:27:42.340] – Luis

Also get links from site that already rank in the first two pages of Google for your keyword. OK, so for example, if you have if you are doing link insertions, try first to go through the first page of Google for your targeted keyword and ask them if they if they will be willing to place a link back to you to your article. I know it’s really difficult, but sometimes they care for it’s just money. So you offer money that you get the link and you take over the first page of Google and they get like two hundred bucks or something.


[00:28:16.150] – Luis

But you go from nowhere back to second place or you get the point right. Internet links are just as effective as external links. They are really high quality and they are really high quality external links that will get you really far in the suburbs. But sometimes we are only focused on trying to acquire more and more and more links. While internal linking might be a bit delay in terms of passing through the linkages internally, maybe like one month and a half, two months, but over the long run, they are really what could make or break your website and move the needle.


[00:28:58.330] – Luis

Sometimes in 2020 is not about quantity, it’s about quality. So Mari and Cody and Philip were talking before about, you know, this discussion about it’s about quantity or about quality. I think it’s about both having a lot of high quality domains. OK, so you want to have high quality domains, but you want to have a lot of them. So try to be creative, as we’ve seen through this presentation, try to get high quality listings, try to mix it with Gestapo’s try to be natural.


[00:29:35.260] – Luis

At the end of the day, that’s the name of the game. And the Google algorithm is different depending on the countries you try to run in. So, for example, if you’re trying to rank in Spain or I don’t know, in Mexico, the Google algorithm might be more advanced than if you are trying to rank in Italy or in France just because there is less people in France than in all the Spanish based countries. The same happens in the States.


[00:30:05.080] – Luis

Just because the English is the English is the first language in the world.


[00:30:11.320] – Luis

They have to be like always at the demerits of trying to do always like the best possible things to offer people the best possible services that if you go to Norway, if you go to Japan, you go to Italy, France, I don’t know, Denmark, Switzerland, those kind of countries will at least not as smart as you will think us since the last bullet and always have in mind the velocity. You can not place or build or buy one hundred backlinks to one website and to place them in one month.


[00:30:47.980] – Luis

If you have like ten visits every day, it doesn’t look natural. It’s not something you would do in normal situations, and that’s something only NSA would do. So try not to look at an issue and try to look more as a natural business that it’s building their way up to the to the service and just try to follow the natural course of the Internet with this building and all the tactics with presented today. And yeah. So the last one I told you I talk about before, but Google is not as smart as you think you have to to bear in mind that really is an algorithm.


[00:31:29.740] – Luis

OK, so Google is not a person behind that. It’s trying to make you bad on your website. No, it’s good to have you to read, for example, the webmaster guidelines and so on. But just as a pure informative thing doesn’t work like that, or sometimes they don’t work like that. So just try to be natural and don’t get penalized. But trying to be natural. OK, so just take that in mind and I hope you’ll enjoy the presentation.


[00:32:09.340] – Luis

Thank you everyone for following me these minutes. And if you want again to follow me on Twitter, it’s the of the Earth and that’s the website for the agency. So if you want to contact. So you want to send me a personal message or ask me anything? Then feel free to do it. OK, so thank you.


[00:32:33.270] – Cody

Awesome, thank you, Luis. A lot of valuable information, I know you had a plan to get there, and so right now we will open it up to Q&A. So, be sure to go ahead and put your questions in there. I’m going to start with one that got us at the beginning of your presentation. So that has to do with local.


[00:32:55.980] – Cody

I know you didn’t cover that in your presentation, but hopefully, between you and Philip, we can answer this person’s question. But if I’m trying to increase local customer traffic to, let’s say, a painting business, does it make sense to spend a lot of time on content creation for SEO and backlinking? Does that help a business page rank higher when customers search for painters near them or something else that gets you higher on Google business pages in local search?


[00:33:22.770] – Luis

Yeah, so basically, yeah. So it’s just in parts when doing local proximity is a huge factor for ranking high in the. OK, so, for example, if you if a customer is searching for, I don’t know, any kind of query based on their proximity, different results will appear higher. OK, so if they don’t have a physical address, like, how would it say if you don’t have a physical address next to the center of the city, imagine that you are outside.


[00:34:08.590] – Luis

You are not down, down, down, down to the downtown. If you’re not downtown, they will get you above you just because they are they have a high proximity to the downtown rather than being outside of the city. OK, so you want to include your name in your Google my business name.


[00:34:34.900] – Luis

OK, so for example, if you’re trying to run in Seattle, then you want to put, like, I don’t know, pet adoption in Seattle, for example. OK, and then try to write different directions on how to get to your storefront business if you have one and try to be really, really specific on how to get there.


[00:35:07.950] – Luis

So try to get ratings, OK, try to be really specific. Published content.  Write different Q&A. You can write them yourself with one account Google account and then log in with a different account from a different device and then answer them. OK, that will help you to build topic relevancy to be a topical authority about your niche. And then you can also include your photos. You can talk them, you can geo locate them for different exit text and then try to rank organically also.


[00:35:50.100] – Luis

OK, because it will get you as far or more than  just appearing in the map. OK, so I think by all of those you will also do you want also to get local links. So if you have, for example, directories that are locally placed in your city, it’s much better to than having them in your country or you have a newspaper that it’s locally based, then try to get a link from them. Know it’s all about building that kind of topical relevancy around the city you’re in.


[00:36:25.770] – Luis

And also if your businesses across the country, then you won’t be ranking as good as, for example, if you’re ranking in Seattle, you will rank as good seeing Texas. OK, you want to have a different address with a different verify. Google my business account. OK, so you want to be specific on that city with one Google my business. OK, so try to laser focus two to one city.


[00:37:00.480] – Phillip

And I think those are all great kind of step by step by step things that you need to do. I think going back to the question, they were kind of I guess they were trying to compare content versus links. Right. So if it’s a local if you’re trying to be at the top of the local searches, is your first step focusing on local content or local links, or is the answer you really have to do both?


[00:37:23.340] – Luis

Yeah, well, first of all, just try to focus on your content, OK? That’s the first thing. Yeah. Try to have a Google Maps embed in your website, try to add your name, address, and phone number. Try, try to be exact, like the one that it’s appearing in the eagle. My business, a car. Try to locate your images, try to write the name of the city at the end of the title, try to explain things about the city so will give you relevance about that city.


[00:38:02.550] – Luis

And then after you’ve done all of those kind of things, you can also add maybe Q&A, different pages for your different services, but always try to talk about the city you are in. OK, then you can jump onto the link building part to try to do that kind of thing for Google Maps. For the map, you can get local links.


[00:38:33.000] – Phillip

I’m just going to jump to the last question we just got because I think it’s along the same lines Jim was asking. How important is it if your local business to get links that are from close to you if you’re thinking about the country? Obviously. I would think it would be the same country. But if you’re thinking about kind of a city, is it important that the links are coming from someplace also in that same geo or is it not that you see thousands of miles away?


[00:39:02.800] – Luis

Yeah, well, it would be better to get the links from that specific location because it will help Google to understand more where you are at. If that if that’s not possible, then try to get the links from the country. And that wouldn’t be possible without I doubt it then to go international. You know, I always try to be really, really local. So I think it wasn’t I guess it was a question, but it was discussed quite a bit in that direction, dereference if you want.


[00:39:39.140] – Cody

But there was some confusion on footprints and kind of what you mean by footprints.


[00:39:47.690] – Luis

It’s just when you’re searching in Google and you type maybe a side call on that, I don’t know. You, for example, search for quote unquote. Equity or you search, quote unquote, the equity plus side call on dot com to pull specific results for the for that query. OK, so for example, you type a question.


[00:40:19.120] – Luis

I mean, quote the quote, opening quote and then you type, I don’t know, best two thousand twenty. And then you finish that quote and then you cite a dot com. Then that’s a footprint. You’re trying to search for parts of a specific website or a specific query that bring you results that will help you to filter or kind of filter the Google search results so you don’t have to go one by one.


[00:40:53.960] – Cody

Cool. And I think I don’t know if you saw the chat, but Jim, again, with Internet Marketing Ninjas said maybe we can get Louise to do a blog post on this. And I know I would personally enjoy that. You’re getting you’re getting requests.


[00:41:11.150] – Phillip

All right. Let me go to the next question from Scott. Scott said, if you have a blog on your website and of course, you’re linking to one of your product pages, is it also a good idea to link from that blog to another Web site, a third party Web site that might be an authority with the content you are writing about? You know, you’re not going to link to one of your competitors, but if you’re if you’re selling cameras and you write a blog post about cameras, you want to link to your own product page with the camera, which should you link to some third party expert who talks about camp, not a competitor, but who talks about cameras. Is that going to help you from the link blinking out as opposed to the linking in.


[00:41:50.840] – Luis

In my opinion, the linking out always work if that has something to do with health sites or some kind of references for, you know, a health study or any kind of study, OK, it will help Google to understand that. You also know how to link out, for example, if you are talking on how to lose weight or you’re writing how to lose weight, then you want to link to study of Medline DOT Golf, for example, talking about a specific study that they did on obese individuals, on how they did thy they lost the weight.


OK, but I won’t bother that much to link out to third party experts is that’s not going to help me. I mean, you can do it, but it’s not something that will help you to rank higher. OK, I’ve only seen it in in your money, your life. Kind of niche sites working. OK, and it works by the way, it works.


[00:43:06.020] – Cody

All right. So I think Frank just asked a question and he said, can you talk about social media links and the best way to use them?


[00:43:14.000] – Luis

The social media links we always use them to syndicate content from our own blog post. For example, if we publish a new blog post, then we syndicate it to the different social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and so on. But we also try sometimes to use the PBN technique, like with PBNs that might be somehow toxic or don’t really work that well in the Tier one links. Then we link from those PBNs to the social media profiles to boost them up so that they get more brand awareness.


[00:43:55.910] – Luis

So we’re always trying to build a brand around one website. And by linking those to those social profiles, you get that brand awareness. Plus you also get a nice little boost to your rankings. It’s pretty small, but it’s enough for us to do it.


[00:44:17.020] – Cody

Good to know just a few, I guess, notes before I let Philip move on to the next question, Cassandra just reminded me that if you’re watching this and you’re active on Twitter, use the hashtag Digital Marketing League. And she will be looking at the people mentioned Digital Marketing League. And if she sees that you’re active and stuff like that, she might even send you a little something from Textbroker.


[00:44:43.060] – Cody

So go ahead and use the hashtag Digital Marketing League. And then the second thing is I will put my email address in the chat. I know sometimes the quality of the video isn’t great and so the slides could be a bit grainy or whatever. I have copies of all of the slides so I can put my email address in there. If you want the deck, go ahead and just email me with requesting. Hey, I want Luis’s slide deck or I want Tyson is coming up next, so I want Tyson


[00:45:11.980] – Cody

So just a few notes. Sorry to interrupt the Q&A, but I was just getting some questions on that, so I will let Philip take the next question and we can move forward.


[00:45:23.140] – Phillip

I’m going to skip down. I think David has a question, but I think because you mentioned PBNs, we’ve got a couple of questions about that. So, yeah, I think most people kind of thought PBM’s are kind of dead. So one question from Edwardo is, do you think PBMs are still working or that there’s too much risk there? And then Shane kind of follow that up and said, yeah, I thought PBN’s were long dead. So if you can talk about. Yeah.


[00:45:46.720] – Luis

So if they are thinking in building up PBN in right now, I wouldn’t recommend it like it’s too much work and really expensive to really maintain like a proper PBN. If you have access to different PBN backlinks. You can use them even if are toxic. If they don’t work, if they don’t have traffic, but they have power in their home base. So the way to do this is to buy tier two linking to those PBNs. For example, the newspaper article technique that I sold that I saw in the presentation.


[00:46:24.640] – Luis

You can use those PBNs to power up those tier one backlinks.  I would not use them for tier one, like directly to t your website, OK, especially if they are toxic or they don’t really work. But, you know. OK, thanks. All right. Phil, do we answer David’s question yet? I skipped his questions about it. I just want to double check.


[00:46:54.140] – Cody

So, Louis, in your opinion, how is the growing granularity of Google going to affect SEO in the coming years?


[00:47:03.200] – Luis

Oh, that’s a good question. I think it has something it has a lot to do with your experience and how you answer the query to the user, and it doesn’t make sense nowadays to write a lot of content, like huge articles for, for example, how to do pushups, OK? You won’t be doing two thousand word article for how to do pushups. You would be doing rather maybe a three hundred word article, plus a video on the demonstration on how to do pushups.


[00:47:41.060] – Luis

So that kind of change in mindset is what will, in my opinion, keep SEOs alive. You know, that kind of adaptation to the different queries and search intent for Google. I think that Google will not reduce kind of reduce the impact of backlinks. It will still be the number one source for people to rank higher, but that will have to be aligned with certain things. And, you know, that user experience that you are having when looking for a query or a specific query.


[00:48:17.180] – Luis

And, you know, I think that nowadays people really look really afraid of getting into search or specific niche just because they are a lot of people like a big monster, big sites competing. But I’ve seen cases and we also have cases for our own sites that just by having a small new website and by targeting the queries and really trying to answers to that query, by I mean, without user intent, we rank them. And we are now at first position with commercial keywords like shopping keywords and so on for informational sites.


[00:49:04.310] – Luis

So it’s like crazy.  So search intent website speed and backlinks to keep you natural and high quality.


[00:49:18.620] – Phillip

All right, Luis, I think we’re almost at the moment of truth where we let the audience vote, but I think we’ve got time for one more quick question for you. One thing I was curious about is that type of backlinks. Can you talk about that?


[00:49:33.740] – Luis

I think they are part of also of building a campaign. A really small part. Like maybe links coming from like black anchor text. You can use them. I don’t see how you wouldn’t be including them, but not on a daily basis. You can use them like just maybe one word, master the typo or something. It’s not that uncommon to see that.


[00:50:04.460] – Luis

What you’re talking about, I think, is Bill creating a domain that has a typo in it, putting content on it, and then linking back on.


[00:50:13.780] – Luis

No, no, I will. I will start fresh like no typo on the domain name, but I was referring to one link may be targeting with one anchor text that’s a typo to my website. That could happen. I mean, it’s not that uncommon.



It doesn’t really get you penalized. Just one like typo. Got it. Thank you.


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