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Behind the SEO Scenes

As special guest at our 2012 Author Day in Mainz, SEO expert, Frank Dörr, presented an exclusive look behind the mysterious SEO scenes. This recap shows you what makes an article great for the search engines.

On April  21st, 2012, we held our second Textbroker Author day in Mainz, and as a special guest, we had SEO expert, Frank Dörr, present an exclusive look behind those mysterious SEO curtains. This recap shows you what makes an article great for the search engines.

What does the SEO client need?

The SEO client usually just wants an article which Google can "read." There are many clients who order articles from Textbroker with requirements in keeping with Google’s latest algorithm updates. The latest updates made over the recent months have been:

  • Freshness: sites with updated and current content are rated highly.
  • Panda: higher quality content counts
  • Layout-Update: filters websites with too many ads.
  • Penguin: artificial link building to be punished

For the SEO expert, it is not just quality that counts but also quantity. Generally speaking, SEO articles are ordered in great volumes to ensure that the content on all various web projects can be updated. To ensure the articles aid a website’s optimisation, they have to fill certain requirements:

  • Unique Content – there should be no web copy duplicated from other sites – exceptions being idiomatic phrasing, cited quotes  and brand names.
  • Structure through simple HTML formatting: Title (written as H1), subtitles (in H2 to H6) and lists with bullet points. You can easily insert these into your texts with Textbroker’s HTML functions.
  • Optimal Keyword density (2-4 percent)
  • Text length of at least 250 words in order for the article to give the topic justice. So don’t waste these words on empty or filler phrases.
  • Important synonyms or keywords should be used.

These criteria go in addition with the formal requirements for an SEO article order.

Of course, every client is different, and we can only present Frank Dörr as an example. That said, we hope you have found this short overview useful and if you've any feedback, please don't hesitate to let us know!

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38362 3. February 2017 - 15:09

Okay, I'm laughing at the very obvious errors in my prior comment. "an HS" is technically correct, but HS is going to be read as "high school," and then "to graduate degrees."


38362 3. February 2017 - 15:20

This seems like a filler article trying to tap into the trends and language of the year.


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