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Our Biggest Project Ever and What It Means for You

Last year, a popular online marketplace placed the largest batch of orders for a single project in the history of our site. This month, that client returned with an even bigger batch of orders. This means a huge amount of available work and a great opportunity awaits Textbroker authors.


You may have seen the message posted to your author page from our CEO, Phillip Thune, with information about the structure of this client’s teams, the kind of orders that are being placed, and the sort of deadlines we’re working with. This blog post will serve as a quick rundown of this project and will try to answer some frequently asked questions that aren’t directly addressed in that message.


This client will be placing a total of over 10,000 orders for product category Question and Answer articles. These articles are intended to help shoppers make purchasing decisions when searching for a broad category of products. The client is using search engine research to identify some of the most commonly asked questions about these product categories.


Who qualifies for this team?

Like all Managed Teams, teams for client 2134413 are open to authors rated 4 stars and above who have had a minimum of 5 Open Orders accepted and rated.


How can I join this team?

If you’re a qualified author who’s been active recently, you likely received an invitation. If not, you can apply for this team by clicking on the “TeamOrders” button that appears when hovering over “Assignments” on your author page. You can then click “Apply for Casting Call Teams” and search for the “4-Star Exciting Team.” For many authors, this team appears at the top of the Casting Call Teams list. You can then submit a writing sample and send in your application! This usually takes one or two business days to be accepted as we are receiving a large amount of applications.

If for some reason you receive more than one invitation, please do not apply to this team more than once as this may prevent you from being added to the team.


Where can I get my questions about orders answered?

We have a high-priority inbox set up just for this project! Please direct your questions to for the fastest response.


What’s the best way to handle HTML in these orders?

Good news! This project has a specially created tool that will automatically write all the HTML code you need for each order. Simply paste each section or bullet list entry into the appropriate text box, and the mask will process the text for you.


How do promotions for this team work?

As the CEO’s message explains, this project spans a few different teams. The 4-Star Exciting Team, 4-Star Rockstar Team, 4-Star Premium Team, and 4-Star Expert team are all part of this project. You will first be eligible for the 4-Star Exciting team, the lowest-paying team for this client. After having 5 orders accepted on this team successfully, you will be invited to the Rockstar Team. Promotions occur once a week, typically on Fridays.


Great opportunity

We at Textbroker are very excited to work with you to help make the biggest initiative in our history happen together. We realize the importance of this opportunity for your career as a freelance writer, and we want you to know it is a priority to us to make you successful when writing these orders. Please don’t hesitate to contact with questions about the project or with questions about specific orders.



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