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Blog Writing Services – Why and How to Buy Blog Posts

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The days of creating your website and forgetting about it are long gone. Good websites need good, fresh content, and blog posts are the epitome of good content.

Why Your Website Needs Blog Posts

Google, Yahoo and other search engines love new, unique content and look for it when ranking websites according to keyword searches. The more quality posts you publish, the more you’ll improve SEO and increase organic traffic. Consider these facts from Optinmonster about the current state of blog writing:

  • Websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages.

  • Blogs provide websites with 97% more links.

  • Blogging can double email traffic by 50%.

  • Blogging results in 67% more leads over websites where there are no blogs.

Regularly publishing blog posts not only helps you attract new leads and boost conversions, but it also helps you increase brand awareness and establish yourself or your company as an authority in your industry. Most customers, whether business or direct consumers, perform online research for the products and services they need on the internet before contacting anyone, which is a prime reason why you should start posting blogs now.

Take Your Website to the Next Level With Blog Writing Services

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What Makes a Good Blog Post

blog posts

Before you hire a freelance blog writer, you should understand the elements that will make your blog post great so that you can adequately communicate pertinent information to your audience. After all, blog posts are useless if they aren’t interesting or if no one reads them. Before you hand off your article assignment to a blog post writer, make sure you complete the following tasks:


Do your research

Before you do anything, ask yourself several questions. Who is your audience? What information do they want to know? What goods or services am I trying to sell? Review your business plan to determine how blogs will fit in and help achieve your goals. Create a marketing persona or personas to help target your articles to your desired audience.


Choose a good topic

Choose a topic that matches your target group or target persona. A helpful tool involves creating an editorial calendar that maps out subject matter and publishing times. Keep in mind that you’ll want to work at least three months ahead for seasonal topics so that your content can be researched and written properly.


Create an outline

Don’t forget to review it to ensure that it covers all of the aspects that you want to address in your blog.


Craft an opening

Craft an attention-grabbing opening for your blog. If you don’t catch your readers’ attention during the first several paragraphs, you’ll lose them, and they will ultimately move onto a page with more interesting content. Better yet, instead of using the first three or so paragraphs to hook your readers, make sure you do it in the first paragraph. Tactics like challenging beliefs, solving problems or stating a desire will compel readers to continue through to the end of the text.


Make your article scannable

It’s all about time. Use subheads, short sentences, bullet points, bold text and other methods that will allow readers to find the information they seek. Even if they don’t have the time to read everything in one sitting, they will remember what is important and return at a later date.


Use images along with your text

Whether you insert photos or graphics, images make your blog more interesting and hold the readers’ attention. In fact, why not insert a video if you have one available? Videos are a great way to grab attention and can help break down complex topics.


Don’t forget about SEO

Good SEO involves keyword research. Make sure that you understand what terms your customers use when searching for your product or service and include a list of what short- and long-tail keywords should be part of your blog. Including pertinent keywords will help readers discover your content.


Include compelling calls to action

Remind your customers about why they need your product or service and ask them to act now while always making sure that your language takes the customers’ best interest into account.


Publish at the right time

Certain days and times are better than others for publishing your blog posts. Read our FAQs below to determine what day and time are best for the goals you want to achieve.


Distribute your blog posts

Share your blog on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. while also using browser push notifications on your website that will notify registered readers when new content is available. Other ways that you can promote your blog include company newsletters, paid advertising and similar methods.

Why You Need a Professional Writer for Blog Writing Services

The average blog posts take over three hours to write. You probably didn’t realize that but most likely felt it if you’ve been one of those who struggled to write content for your site to no avail. What seems difficult to you will be easier for professional bloggers because they are used to dealing with the intricacies of this task. When it comes down to it, you may be a decent writer, but you may not have the core competencies it takes to write a good article. In addition to the time factor, you’re probably also looking at a high number of articles that you need to get onto your website. Neither you nor your staff may be able to meet that commitment.

Where to Buy Blog Writing Services

Most business people don’t know any freelance writers personally. Even though you might meet one or two at a local chamber of commerce mixer, you could hesitate because those writers don’t understand your niche. Don’t worry. You have plenty of options. Numerous online marketplaces advertise the services of freelance writers. Many full-service marketing agencies also have a copywriting team. You can take another route by going to a content writing service like Textbroker to find affordable blog writing services. The solution is out there, and it’s not difficult to discover.

Each of the above methods has its pluses. Working directly with a freelancer provides close contact during the content creation process along with no middleman fees. When you work through a marketing agency, the company will make sure that you get the writer that most closely matches your needs and quality level. Platforms like Textbroker provide scalability of projects and a host of other advantages. With the first two choices, however, you may not necessarily like what your freelancer comes up with, and you may be stuck with the result. With platforms, you don’t have to accept the end product until you are satisfied, although you will pay a middleman fee.

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The Advantages of Textbroker for Buying Blog Posts

Finding freelance blog writers on Textbroker offers clients many advantages. One of the biggest benefits is that you don’t have to sift through resumes and websites to find what fits your needs. Textbroker’s easy-to-use platform allows customers to browse a great selection of writers with an understanding of different industries and business areas and filters writers by experience, skills, knowledge and other factors. It’s that easy. Tell us about your content needs, or learn how Textbroker’s SEO blog writing services can increase your website’s traffic.

Textbroker offers customers other benefits too. Consider these pros when seeking B2B blog writing services:

  • Scalability allows you to get small, medium or large projects written quickly and efficiently without any hassle.

  • Our tagline, “Every word counts,” means no fixed costs as you pay per word.

  • Order your unique content or translations in 36 different languages.

  • There’s no paperwork to complete.

  • On our platform, there is no chance of plagiarism or duplicate content.

FAQs About SEO Blog Writing Services

SEO Blog Writing Services FAQ

How long should my blog posts be?

The most accurate answer is, it depends. While that may not seem like an answer, blog post length varies according to what you want to achieve.

Most blog posts should have at least 300 words, and generally, longer articles will rank better on search engines. Following are some recommended lengths by goal:

  • SEO – 2,100-2,400 words

  • Lead generation – approximately 2,500 words

  • Pillar posts – 4,000 words

  • Listicles – 2,300-2,600

  • How-tos – 1,700-2,100

Remember that the numbers aren’t written in stone. If you feel you have covered your topic sufficiently in 500 or 1,000 words, you’re good to go. Also keep in mind that all content should add value to the article. You don’t want a blog post full of fluff for the sole purpose of achieving a certain word count.

How much do blog writing services cost?

Several factors affect the price of what you’ll ultimately pay for professional blog writing services. One is the experience and quality level of the writer. Obviously, writers who have been in the business many years and consistently turn out high-quality content will command more money. Another factor is the topic. If you need technical writing or have a difficult-to-understand topic, you can expect to pay more.

Working directly with one or more freelancers can sometimes reduce costs as you don’t have to work with a middleman. Many online marketing agencies offer blog writing as part of a package deal, but what happens if you don’t need all of their services?

Ordering blogs from a content platform like Textbroker is the most economical way to buy blog articles. Although the up-front cost of working directly with freelancers may be cheaper, you have no guarantee that the freelancer will finish the article to your liking. In many cases, you’ll have to pay a kill fee for the unused content and then spend more time and effort to find another writer. When working with an agency, you may be subject to additional fees for multiple revisions. With Textbroker, you never have to pay for content that doesn’t meet your standards. Revisions are free, and if you ultimately don’t like the blog post, you can reject it. Textbroker is your cost-effective blog content writer solution.

How often should I publish blog posts?

How often you post to your blog is a matter of goals and your personal preferences. It also depends on how much staffing or, for that matter, how quickly your freelance blog writer can produce articles. However, one thing is for certain: Create and stick to a schedule because your customers and readers will expect to see information at regular intervals. The more you blog, the greater your chances for success.

Updating existing content is another option. When you update content by changing wording or adding new information, it counts as a new post for search engines, so renewing old posts can be an inexpensive way to get better SEO rankings. Not to mention, this keeps content fresh and relevant to your audience.

When is the best time to publish a blog post?

Somewhat like the length of blog posts, the best time for publishing them depends on your goals. Note that timing also varies according to whether your post is aimed at other businesses or consumers. Different times of the day yield specific results. Use Google Analytics to run reports on when customers visit your website and what they are doing in order to determine your optimal posting time.

Follow these general suggestions for posting times:

  • Increase traffic – Mondays before 11 a.m. ET

  • Get comments – Saturdays by 9 a.m. ET

  • Most inbound links – Mondays and Thursdays by 7 a.m. ET

Can I copy a blog post?

The answer is absolutely not. First off, by doing so, you’ll violate copyright laws. Secondly, by copying someone else’s post, you’ll run into problems with search engines that could ultimately end up penalizing your website because of duplicate content. While it’s okay to get ideas from other blog posts, simply make sure that you don’t copy those posts verbatim.

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