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How To Clean Up Your Content and Update it!

Three Ways to Get Through Revision Requests in One Piece

If you're reading this, it's very likely you've gone down the rabbit hole of needing to know how to handle client revisions once or twice. OK, maybe it’s happened more than a few times. As a freelance writer, making content updates at the request of the client is to be expected; it's part of the gig. However, there's a fine, fine line between meeting client expectations with revisions and actually creating an entirely new piece of content. Knowing how to navigate this maze is both an art and a science. You'll do yourself a big favor by learning how to identify when you're in this part of the content creation process as quickly as possible.

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Technical Writing

The Ultimate Guide for Technical Writing

If you’ve ever gotten frustrated when putting together IKEA furniture or reviewing product info online, you have learned the importance of quality technical writing firsthand.

With the rise of software companies in the last decade, the demand for quality technical writers has sharply increased.

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Closeup of a darts-target with a red dart sticking in the middle

How to Target Specific Audiences with Your Writing

Successful content creates a link between your client and the client's target audience. As a writer, you have tools like voice, tone and point of view to make that link as strong and compelling as possible. To apply those tools skillfully, though, you must know who will be reading the content. Then, you can craft articles that resonate with your intended readers and help your client meet or exceed the company's marketing goals.

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How Keywords Make You a Better Freelancer

Have you ever wondered why so many lawyers have blogs? A lot of businesses do; even those who don’t have ads on their website. They’re not making any money on this content — not directly at least — but many businesses dutifully post new content on their websites multiple times per month. So why is content so important to a business’s online presence? The answer is search optimization.

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