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How To Use Bullet Points When Your Write

How Using an Outline Improves Your Writing

Tackling a writing project can be overwhelming — even if you are already very comfortable with the topic. Whether you are writing a brief essay or a long blog post, you may be able to improve your writing thanks to the use of an outline. Discover how to create outlines, what kinds of outlines work best and how to get into the habit of creating an outline with every new piece of writing you begin.

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Make It Snappy! How to Write Effective Hooks and Calls to Action

Have you ever wondered what could take your writing from good to great or from mediocre to sparkling? Sometimes, all that is missing is a sentence or two that catches the reader’s interest and sparks the imagination at the beginning of your content. Other times, you might struggle to wrap up your content effectively, leaving readers wondering what benefit they were supposed to glean from your article. If you are ready to step your writing up a notch, consider how you can best use hooks and calls to action to capture a reader’s interest from the beginning and to wrap up all the loose ends when you are finished.

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Uncommon Signals and what they mean for writing.

How to Use Uncommon Symbols

Several of the symbols on your keyboard are generally excluded from AP style entirely and should be avoided in any scenario outside of quoted material and proper nouns. These would fall into the category of “special symbols” that should almost always be omitted from your articles.

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tips for team orders on textbroker

Tips for Success with Team Orders

We asked our editors for some of the most common issues they come across in these orders that require revisions and ultimately delay authors’ payments. Here are their responses.

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