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Does Your Brand Make a Lasting Impression?

Brand awareness and recall don't always come easy, but they're essential to your marketing plan. Here are some of the reasons why and a few tips for helping your public image cozy up to audiences.

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5 Tips on How to Earn Money From Your Blog

In March 2014, Abby Lawson earned $ 1,010 from her blog Two years later, that sum had grown to more than 40,000 US dollars per month. According to this …

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How Do Brands Create Relevant Content? Wave Study Results

Anyone googling the term "Content Marketing" receives around 361 million search results, and we live in an era where any kind of content is just a click away. Films and TV Series can be watched with Netflix and Amazon, and everyone can listen to songs on Spotify or YouTube. Brands have no choice but to face up to this competition for consumer attention.

Except, what exactly does the consumer expect from a brand? How can we grab their attention? Answers to these questions are contained within the social media study "Wave 8 – The Language of Content," conducted by media and marketing agency Universal McCann (UM). The Wave study series first appeared in 2006 and is now the largest ongoing social media study in the world, containing data for 65 countries and representing nearly 1.3 billion active Internet users.

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Textbroker CEO Phillip Thune: 7 Tips to Conquer Content Marketing

To master content marketing, companies must address their target group with relevant content rather than generic sales messages. Serving as CEO of Textbroker, the leading provider of on-demand, unique written content, since 2010, Phillip Thune is a Web content expert and has summarized how to achieve success.

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Innovative Content Marketing Ideas through Lucrative Brands

From mixing up the type of company posts on social media to incorporating humor in new ways in your content marketing efforts, it’s important to keep content fresh and interesting. Take a closer look at three companies that have mastered content creation and how they did it.

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