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how to increase your content marketing budget

How and Why You Should Increase Your Content Marketing Budget

If you work in marketing, it can be tough to convince executives to put more money into the content marketing budget. Even if you’re calling the shots, it may be difficult to know where to allocate funds to ensure successful content marketing can happen. Increase your budget by learning where to spend money and how to explain the value of content marketing to anyone interested.

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Boost Your Content Marketing on a Start-Up Budget

This article looks at some practical ideas to kick-start, refresh or optimize your content marketing. All can be done without a large budget, so you can maximize every dollar you spend.

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Best Practices for Content Marketing

From selling simple products to encouraging people to use your business services, it's important to market to your target audience effectively. Learn more about individuals and businesses who have successfully reached their audience and how you can apply that knowledge, regardless of your budget size, to your business.

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Textbroker Top 5 – The Future of Content Marketing

Marketers now face the challenge of creating and promoting content that adds to the Knowledge Graph at scale for their clients and their own businesses. However, relying too much on any one tactic, whether guest posting, blog comments, blog posts, link building or social media updates, can send a site into overload. Trying to find a balanced rotation of content delivery strategies will be the next challenge for marketers.

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The 50/15 Rule: Balance SEO and SEM Spending

Even with billions spent on getting to the top of search engine listings, companies are never sure if they are “doing it right,” especially with respect to the amount spent on website content creation. Here we introduce a new rule about how much to spend on content creation relative to a company’s spend on SEO and SEM. We call it the 50/15 Rule.

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