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How textbroker helps with content strategy

How Can Textbroker Help With Your Content Strategy?

To be a player in the digital landscape, you need to have a content strategy. Whether you're an entrepreneur getting a small business up and running or you're a marketing professional with a huge corporation, your content strategy can dictate how you're found online, how you generate leads and whether you have a strong online presence. Clearly, content matters.

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The 5 Steps to a Successful Content Strategy

For a content strategy to be successful, it has to be documented. Discover what it takes to create a successful content strategy, step-by-step, in this infographic.

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Emotional Personas for Successful Content Marketing

Incorporating personas for entrepreneurial content marketing is not a new concept. More and more companies are using personas to create customized content for their target audience and are significantly improving communication outcomes with their (potential) customers. Many companies focus on the creation of personas based on socio-demographic characteristics (such as age, gender, income). For content marketing in particular, this approach isn't very effective. Read below to find out why as well as learn what other approaches are more beneficial

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The Best Content for Your Online Shop – Part 3

Your customer has found his way into your shop, he trusts you, he finds what he is searching for, he is persuaded by your product description, places the product in the shopping cart and then he disappears. What went wrong here?

Your store content, your blog, or your product can still be good, but your text optimization shouldn't end once your customer has decided to make a purchase. Behind the product page lurk a number of hurdles and challenges that a shop owner must overcome in order to keep customers happy and welcome them back again in the future.

In the final part of our series on the best content for your online shop, we take a look at the content regarding your checkout process and your service-mails. We explain what should receive attention in order to convert your users into satisfied customers.

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