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Analyze Competitors’ Content to Optimize Your Content

For a successful website, the development and maintenance of quality content is essential. An analysis of the content of your market rivals can help you to create appropriate content for your own customer needs. Prior to developing your own material, research can reveal which types of content are significant and will resonate with readers and which won’t.

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10 Important Content Marketing Questions Answered

Content marketing is a well-known practice that many companies implement. But, in practice, executing effective content marketing can sometimes be a major challenge. In honor of our 10th anniversary, we are addressing 10 of the most important content marketing topics, including questions clients often ask, problems that content marketing newcomers face and subjects that might even interest content marketing experts.

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Backlinks, Mobile Content and Content Marketing – Online Marketing Strategy at AutoScout24

With 10 million users per month across Europe, Autoscout24 is one of the largest Internet portals for cars. In this interview, Conrad Seemann, Online Marketing Manager at AutoScout24, reveals which SEO strategies the site implements to attract its users, the importance of backlinks, content and social media for the platform and what plans the online marketing team has for this year.

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How Do Brands Create Relevant Content? Wave Study Results

Anyone googling the term "Content Marketing" receives around 361 million search results, and we live in an era where any kind of content is just a click away. Films and TV Series can be watched with Netflix and Amazon, and everyone can listen to songs on Spotify or YouTube. Brands have no choice but to face up to this competition for consumer attention.

Except, what exactly does the consumer expect from a brand? How can we grab their attention? Answers to these questions are contained within the social media study "Wave 8 – The Language of Content," conducted by media and marketing agency Universal McCann (UM). The Wave study series first appeared in 2006 and is now the largest ongoing social media study in the world, containing data for 65 countries and representing nearly 1.3 billion active Internet users.

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