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Topic selection in Content Marketing: 3 ways to generate new ideas

Quality is more important than quantity in content marketing. However, without the regular publication of new content, you will find it difficult to generate ongoing inbound traffic. Therefore, you will need an action plan to guarantee continuous content production. This will ensure you always have enough ready-made ideas – for example, via systematic research, observation and inquiry.

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How to Avoid the 6 Biggest Mistakes in Landing Page Copywriting

Advertising should be creative, but this does not necessarily apply to landing pages. You have a defined goal, a call-to-action button, and to achieve that goal you should make life as easy as possible for your visitor.

The landing page text plays an essential role in this strategy. The right words in the right place can serve as a path to guide a potential client. However, one wrong word can test, or even abruptly end, a relationship which has only just begun.

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Crises solved by content: How is that possible?

Volkswagen’s “Das Auto” slogan has acquired an entirely new connotation since VW's Dieselgate affair was uncovered. Once the news broke that the supposedly environmentally friendly VW Group had been manipulating software to simulate better emission-test results, a big scandal ensued with a huge loss of confidence among VW stakeholders.

The severe crisis at VW is not over yet, but it does seem to have died down a little. Meanwhile, it's interesting to see how hard the VW is trying to regain the confidence of their stakeholders through their content – so far with limited success.

Unfortunately, no company is immune to crises, whether through their own failings or as a result of misfortune. In such a situation, a good communication plan is a useful crisis-management tool.

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Why It’s Worth Investing in Optimized Product Content

Ever thought about custom search engine optimized product content? Or are you among those who simply copy the manufacturer's photos and information? This is common practice because it’s simple and quick. So why is this problematic? Because you are actually throwing away ranking and conversion potential. In the following article, we will explain why optimized product content is a worthwhile investment.

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