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The Best Content for Your Online Shop – Part 3

Your customer has found his way into your shop, he trusts you, he finds what he is searching for, he is persuaded by your product description, places the product in the shopping cart and then he disappears. What went wrong here?

Your store content, your blog, or your product can still be good, but your text optimization shouldn't end once your customer has decided to make a purchase. Behind the product page lurk a number of hurdles and challenges that a shop owner must overcome in order to keep customers happy and welcome them back again in the future.

In the final part of our series on the best content for your online shop, we take a look at the content regarding your checkout process and your service-mails. We explain what should receive attention in order to convert your users into satisfied customers.

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10 Popular Content Marketing Buzzwords for 2016

Whether it’s through meetings, brainstorming sessions or reading articles, this year you will encounter these specific words even more often. Some are fairly new, but others have been passed around the content marketing industry for some time — and are still on everyone’s lips. So it’s now time to scrutinize their importance under a microscope.

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The Best Content for Your Online Shop – Part 2

The right content is a must for any online store. Informative content and advice will help to win over your customers. However, as a shop owner, you should make sure to use the right amount of content in the right places and also ensure it’s suitable for your audience and purpose.

In the first part of our series on the best content for your online shop, we looked at content connected with external sites (SERP snippets, ads, social media and newsletters). In Part 2, we now take a look at sites that are accessible to the public – and that the shop owner can generally manage alone: landing pages, category pages, product pages and your own blog.

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