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How to Build a Successful Online Blog From Home

When you want to work as a blogger or if you are thinking of launching a personal blog online, ensuring it is successful and reaching the audience you have in mind is possible with a bit of planning and an understanding of proper marketing. Professional bloggers or blogging from your own home requires the ability to focus and a commitment to crafting your site to perfection. Knowing how to implement content marketing and other tactics to help build your blog from home is essential for bloggers or blogging for your business.

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Public Relation Firms and Content Marketing

Content marketing is the latest trend for inbound marketing. It's a way to bring customers to you instead of going after them through cold calling or direct mail packages. Content marketing generates new leads by providing valuable information that targeted customers want to know about. For a public relations firm or PR firm, using various forms of content marketing will not only bring in new clients, but also help those clients to increase their sales and revenue.

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What Star Level Should You Order?

Textbroker authors are separated by star levels based on the quality of work that they produce, and we’ve gotten some questions about the differences between these levels lately. Clients have been asking for advice about which star level is most appropriate for their projects, and we want to explain the differences to make sure that you’re getting what you need. To make things easier…


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The Importance of Content Marketing for Small Businesses

When you have a small business and you want to improve your overall online presence, doing so is possible by understanding the importance of content marketing and how you can implement it into your own strategies. Content marketing for businesses of any size online can drastically help to improve sales and drive revenue to your company, regardless of the industry you represent and the products or services you have to offer.

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Fight commoditization of business/professional services

High-quality Content Will Set You Ahead of the Pack

We live in a world of media saturation, and traditional marketing techniques no longer work. Consumers are cautious and savvy, and they will only work with the companies they trust. A crucial part of earning that trust is proving your expertise in your field, and for that, you will need high-quality content.

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Textbroker offers an extended level of service with the Managed Service option. Managed Service gives you additional support and a personal account manager when you want us to manage your projects for you. Find out more here.

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