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Textbroker Top 5 – Content Marketing Bubble?

Google recently announced that sites that have a large number of DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) takedown requests for copyright infringement will be penalized. While this move won’t hurt most content marketers, Google obviously plans to continue “cleaning up” its results pages.  Some content marketers fear that Google’s continued crackdown will result in the content marketing bubble bursting, but this may not actually be the case.

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Textbroker Top 5: Email Tips For SES Conference

We asked for your best email marketing tip for our presentation at SES San Francisco. Laurie from Mountain View gave us the winning tip: “Make sure the recipient knows how long the content of the email is valid. Without urgency, they might wait to take action until later, and without a date they might assume the offer is over when it’s still valid.”

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Textbroker Top 5 – Google Makes Some Moves

Google’s vision has been evident for a long time.  By offering several online products for free, they hope to serve ads to a large segment of the population.  Google’s main revenue stream comes from online advertising, and their unique business model has been nothing but a resounding success.  This week has seen Google further implement their unique vision in the form of several moves that will further solidify the company’s status as a technology giant.

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Mythbusters-Style Content Marketing Part 1

Recently, Ian Lurie posted an article on how urban legends, lies and spin are more believable than the truth, which led to a discussion on why Mythbusters, a truth-telling show, is so popular. With negative SEO and nasty public relations tricks rising as real threats, what can content marketers and SEO pros learn from Mythbusters? Learn two ways to bust your content out of its rut and make it stick.

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Textbroker Top 5 – Twitter Secures its Throne

Twitter signed a deal with NBC Universal that will give Twitter’s newly hired editors and curators the ability to create a Twitter-based news hub focusing on the 2012 Summer Olympics.  Not only does this further solidify Twitter’s position as a media giant, it also solidifies social media as the future for news and entertainment.  What this means for other media giants, such as print and television, remains to be seen, but it is certain that social media is now on equal footing with all other media mediums.

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