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Lead Magnet

How to Create a Lead Magnet in 6 Steps

A well-crafted lead magnet can be one of the most powerful weapons in your lead generation strategy. Exchanging an asset for a new lead is a smart way to grow an email list of individuals who are already interested in a product or service.

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Influencer Marketing ROI

How to Measure the Influencer Marketing ROI

Influencer marketing occupies a secure spot in the marketing budgets of many a company. In this post, we’ll talk about the proper key performance indicators, or KPI, and look at why you need to determine their merit. We also differentiate between quantitative and qualitative statistics. Finally, we discuss where the boundaries lie and why it’s often difficult to not only track influencer marketing ROI but to also meaningfully evaluate an influencer marketing campaign.

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Google Screen

How to Optimize for Featured Snippets

Featured snippets pose big opportunities for website traffic and prestige. Some marketing leaders and content managers think that landing one of these featured snippets is nearly impossible, but that's not always the case. With the right optimization strategies, getting content into the featured snippet box doesn't have to be tough.

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Push Notifications

How to Find Success With Your Push Notifications Strategy

Push notifications can be an incredibly effective way to stay connected with your audience. However, many users also find them to be annoying. Companies have to find the perfect balance between adding value to the lives of their users and overwhelming them with information or notifications. If you are ready to upgrade your push notifications strategy and develop more engaging push notifications content, then use this guide every step of the way.

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How to Build Up Thought Leadership

Thought leaders are usually connected with some kind of brand, idea, organization or business. Often, brands intentionally connect with thought leaders or help blossoming thought leaders break into the public arena. This can be a mutually beneficially relationship, and brands that are led by thought leaders often see a number of advantages.

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