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Content Marketing Study: A verbal strategy is not enough

Recently, the renowned Content Marketing Institute (CMI) published the study “B2B Content Marketing: 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends.” The study focused on these questions: What goals are businesses pursuing regarding content marketing? What are the greatest challenges involved? And asked, what recommendations stem from that knowledge?

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Textbroker Top 4 For 1/15 – Waking Up from the Holiday Slumber

Many businesses rely on the last two months of the year for the majority of their profit. Why not try to optimize your website so that you can start to be profitable before late November? Even if you had the most successful year ever, you still need to stay on top of the industry, and these five articles below will help get motivated to make this your best year ever.

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Textbroker Top 4 Content Trends for 12/18

When valuable content is the secret ingredient to creating traffic-rich websites, it’s time marketers reevaluate their recipes. Trends seem focused on website and content changes, including structure and design. It’s time to blend quality writing with more strategic SEO placement. The result is a year of tastier sugar plums dancing in marketers’ heads in 2013.

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Textbroker Top 5 – End of Year Marketing Tips

Want to make the most of your end of the year content strategy and digital PR efforts? Of course, you do! Check out these five tips from some of our favorite online marketing gurus on the Web.

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Textbroker Top 5 – Post-Holiday Planning

This week’s list highlights how to start planning next year’s marketing strategies, if Google thinks too highly of themselves, how to ruin your SEO efforts instantly and cashing in on the mobile market.

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