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Building Blocks of Grammar

Whether you’re an experienced author or a novice, we can all sometimes use a refresher on the fundamentals of good writing.

Ever wish you paid more attention when your English teachers droned on about subjects and predicates? Do you secretly wish all clauses could lead full and productive lives regardless of whether they’re dependent or independent?

Whether you’re an experienced author or a novice, we can all sometimes use a refresher on the fundamentals of good writing. That’s why we put together our new Building Blocks of Writing Cheat Sheet, so you can get started putting together grammatically sound compound sentences that can go a long way to raising your rating. As with our Comma Cheat Sheet, let Textbroker take the guesswork out of good grammar and punctuation, so you can get to the practical advice behind the fancy terminology that you need to know to move up!

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Jon B. 12. June 2014 - 17:51

Hi Madrugada. Thanks for your comment. While our editors will sometimes point out things like the serial comma from the AP Style Guide, you will never be rated down for this.


446517 19. September 2014 - 7:08

great information. Many of us need a refresher from time to time.


446517 19. September 2014 - 8:19

I enjoyed reading your article. I am a new writer so I was noticing your writing technique and style. I really like it. You definitely deserve your star rating.


495093 21. March 2015 - 1:37

Hmm…  There are some real nuggets in this post.  There are a few areas with real shiny paint that may not be fouteen karat underneath.

I scratched some of the paint and thought I found some unpleasantness.  Fortunately, this article helped me apply a new coat.

Thanks for the nuggets.  Thanks for the shiny paint, too, I guess.


289097 28. October 2016 - 23:07


As a loyal Textbroker author for some 7 years, I am blocked from writing because an unidentified editor rated one article out of 148, as a level 2.
For an author that has been writing for Textbroker for a long time, I count on the extra income, especially for the holidays. I depend on the income as a supplement. 
I called Quality Assurance and spoke with Carmen McCarty.  She was rude, insulting and just made matters worse.  She was laughing on the phone.  She basically told me she care nothing about my issues, and as the company Textbroker, she said it also cares nothing about their authors.  She also relayed that my longevity to Textbroker as a company was meaningless.  She told me to go somewhere else.  
In the past, I have spoken with Textboker Customer Service.  They were always extremely nice to me; however Carman was just plain argumentative. 
I am so unsatisfied with Carman McCarthy attitude, and I want to escalate my issues to the Executive Level, please forward to ECO Phillip Thune.  I will follow-up this email with a formal letter of dissatisfaction.

460065 10. January 2017 - 0:01

Hurray for the magic chain icon!!



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