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Transform Your Business Blog into a Marketing Asset

Far too many businesses have a wonderful website but don't have a company blog. A blog is not just a fun option to add to your website; it should be a critical part of your content marketing strategy. Discover how a company blog can add value to your business, and then learn how to take the first steps toward a successful blog.

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Improve the Reputation or Credibility of Your Brand

Your blog can help boost your company’s image. Through each article you post, you can showcase your knowledge and experience within your industry. It’s a way of showing off your skills and your reputability in a helpful way.

Ideally, each blog post put out by your brand would have a clear objective. Sometimes, a blog post can recap a recent event that went well. It could also provide insight into part of your business process. This can be educational to readers, and those readers will likely see your company in a more positive light as a result.

Your company’s blog can also improve your brand by humanizing it. A blog is the ideal platform for an in-depth article on a specific member of staff. A post could highlight the personal achievements of an employee, or it might recap a successful outing that went well for the entire workforce. Showing that there are real employees involved, and not just a brand or a corporation, connects you to your audience in a new way.

Create Content to Share on Social Media

It is no secret that social media is a big part of modern marketing strategy. Your social media content will vary significantly depending on your preferred platforms, but it can include all kinds of information, photos, quotes or links to internal content.

Many businesses know that posting frequently and staying engaged is a key part of a successful social media presence. However, knowing what to post and how often to post can be a struggle. One of the benefits of having a regularly updated company blog is that you can share posts directly on social media. With about two-thirds of all American adults using social media, this is a key way to connect. Tweeting about posts, sharing images from the post on Instagram or discussing a blog post on Facebook are ways to communicate and stay engaged with your audience on social media.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Virtually every business with a website wants more online traffic. While there are many ways to increase your web traffic, most of them include large advertising and marketing budgets. Blog content, on the other hand, can be an effective way to increase traffic with minimal costs.

That’s because blog content can naturally include keywords that are tailored for users on search engines. SEO, or search engine optimization, can and should be a key part of your blog writing strategy. If you want to be found by more users on search engines, then you need to use more keywords organically. To be ranked for more keywords, you need more content. That’s where a company blog can come in, and it can greatly increase your organic search traffic. Whatever keywords you want to rank for in search engines should be worked into your blog content in a natural way that appeals to readers.

Widen Your Audience Through Guest Posting

A blog is typically made up of a collection of blog posts. These are articles that can discuss current events, changes to your product line, sales or just information about your industry. If your company offers personal styling services to women, then your blog might discuss the hottest fashion trends and how to transition your wardrobe from one season to the next. While most companies create their own posts to include on their blog, guest posting can also be a smart idea.

You can write a guest post for a third-party blog or website as a way to widen your audience. This allows you to connect with new readers on a different platform. You can also have a third party write a guest post on your company blog. If the author is not a competitor but has their own audience, this can be a great way to build traffic.

Give Your Blog the Attention It Deserves

Once you realize the value of a company blog, make sure you treat it like the asset it is. Readers can tell if a blog isn’t getting regular attention, and so can search engines. Search engines will penalize blogs that don’t post regularly and update their content. Readers, too, might place less trust in a website with infrequent posts. To make your blog the valuable resource it can and should be, having a publishing calendar is a great idea. Regular, consistent blogs posts will increase traffic incrementally. Putting your best foot forward with professional writing, content free from errors and excellent grammar will also make a positive impression on readers.

Adding a blog to your company’s website can offer a wide range of benefits. From increased traffic to better SEO, blogs are worthwhile investments in your business and its online presence.

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