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Buy Amazon Product Descriptions:
Five Ways You Could Be Making More Money

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Are you an Amazon seller but have wondered why you’re not getting the same results as others on the platform? Have you thought about quitting selling but have decided to give it one more shot with the chance that things might change? The answer to your lack of sales could be to buy Amazon product descriptions. Learn how you can create a great Amazon product description that will pique your target audience’s interest and prompt them to buy now instead of browsing further.

Before we go over the five elements of a high-converting Amazon product description, let’s look at what they are and how they are different from descriptions on other e-commerce platforms.

What are Amazon product descriptions?


Amazon product descriptions follow a decided format and are different from manufacturer product descriptions. Amazon suggests that sellers provide a concise, honest and friendly overview of their product and discuss features, benefits and even limitations while focusing on unique properties. Most have a limit of 2,000 characters, depending on the category as some differ. Bullet points are also common for some categories, and if you choose to add them, you can have up to five with a 100-character maximum for each. Amazon never allows the words “sale” and “free shipping” in its product listings as sellers can highlight those attributes in the promotional management tool.

Other attributes to include are:

  • Describing major product features

  • Including information like size, style and use

  • Detailing accurate dimensions, care instructions and warranties


    Do I need to buy Amazon product descriptions?

    Pearhaps you do need to buy Amazon product descriptions. Consider the fact that basic Amazon product descriptions will prove the item’s value, include specific details, and show examples of how you can use the product. However, those are just the nuts and bolts of the Amazon product description template. To write them or buy Amazon product descriptions and stay within the description character limit, you need to include the five elements essential for creating a good Amazon content description.

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    Optimize for Amazon’s Search Engine

    Your customer may have used Google to find your product on Amazon’s site, but within Amazon, you’ll encounter the company’s own search engine that uses its algorithms to determine which products a customer will see first when performing a search. Amazon wants quality product listings. If it deems that yours is not, Amazon will flag it as a low-quality listing, which can suppress it in searches or even remove it, effectively killing your sales on the platform. If you buy Amazon product descriptions, the author you chose will provide proper SEO for you.

    Amazon’s SEO Algorithm

    Amazon uses an algorithm called A9 to rank products in search results. It’s similar to Google’s algorithm but with one major difference: It heavily emphasizes sales conversion. Thus, Amazon ranks listings highly that have a strong sales history and high conversion rate. The more short-term sales you have, the higher your ranking. Your recent sales work with your page content to determine your ranking.

    To rank high in Amazon SEO, you need to know which keywords are important to its system. Amazon logs all of the searches that potential buyers make, which provides the company with insight into trending topics and what is important to its user base. The best-selling items within your category are a good place to start to learn about Amazon SEO as you’ll see what types of products sell well and what types of keywords they use. When you know what matters most to customers, you can structure your product listings accordingly.

    Your content marketing strategy should including looking at lists like “most wished for” and “most gifted” in your product categories. Note how these Amazon product descriptions use titles and descriptive words and add possible keywords to your list. Come up with long-tail keyword variations and update your list regularly. Use your research when working with the keyword search tools detailed below.


    Find the Right Keywords and Phrases for Google

    You can’t ignore keywords and phrases that will rank highly on Google. Potential buyers searching for products through Google are still looking for information, while those on Amazon are ready to buy. Google can be a product search engine, but that’s not its primary aim. Google keywords often focus on reviews for products so potential users can find more information about their quality. However, you still want to use keywords that are relevant to your product.

    Use a Variety of Keyword Tools

    Because the algorithms for both search engines are different, using a variety of keyword tools can help you find what you need to rank higher on Amazon. To that end, Amazon has seller software called Sellics that includes a research tool called Sonar. By using this software, you can develop targeted keywords for your products based on Amazon’s research. Sellics is particularly useful because this tool will tell you whether your product will show up in Amazon’s search results for a specific keyword. If so, your product will be indexed for this keyword, and you’re on your way to higher Amazon rankings.

    Other keyword search tools include Merchant Words and a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox called Keywords Everywhere that shows search volumes and keyword statistics. The data from this tool is based on Google searches, but you can use it to determine the popularity of keywords. Another possibility is This tool lets you research keywords by using Google autocomplete.

    As a product marketer, you have many different choices for researching keywords. Use them to reinforce the keywords you find from tools specifically targeting Amazon. After all, you want your product description page to rank well on Google, too. As a best practice, keep your main keyword at the beginning of the description, within the first 156 characters. By doing so, a snippet of your description will show up in Google results.


    Keep Amazon Product Descriptions Short and Sweet

    Those Amazon product description character limits are there for a reason. They help you keep your descriptions concise and to the point. You have only a limited amount of space to grab your audience’s attention, so your words have to pack a punch.

    Titles must be 250 characters or less, including spaces, but most SEO experts recommend you keep the length to about 200 characters. The ideal product headline consists of a product brand or description, its line, materials and ingredients, color and size or quantity. Not every element applies to every product. Your Amazon product description writer should keep in mind to include all the information that customers need to make a buying decision without keyword stuffing.

    For products that need longer descriptions, the Amazon product description template allows for bullet points, improving readability. Bullet points help move your customers through the buying process because, by the time they get to that point, they’re ready to buy. You don’t want to hit them over the head with too much information that may scare them away. Simply highlight key points.

    Big blocks of text also hurt the sales process along with scholarly language. Make your Amazon product description friendly, approachable and easy to understand. Another mistake to avoid is that even though Amazon provides sellers with product templates, you shouldn’t use the same one for every product in your lineup. Your customers will notice and end up turned off by the sameness.

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    Use Images to Convey Benefits Over Features in Your Amazon Product Description

    All Amazon product descriptions have images, but image quality will affect your ranking. Make sure that the images you upload have a minimum size of 1000 x 500 pixels; otherwise, you risk getting a low-quality listing flag.

    Whether graphics, photos or video, your media should highlight benefits over features as your customers want to buy products to fulfill a need or solve a problem. When posting product images, make sure the item takes up 85% of the photo so customers can zoom in and look at details. By focusing on benefits and high-quality images, you’ll let customers decide for themselves instead of oversaturating them with a sales pitch.


    Make Your Amazon Product Descriptions Personable

    Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What do they want to know about your products? Get to know your audience as well as what they like and dislike. Develop buyer personas and use storytelling to weave statistics into your listing. Give them something unexpected to seal the deal.


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    Buy Amazon Product Descriptions FAQ

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    What should an Amazon product description focus on?

    Always think about highlighting benefits over features. Potential buyers want to know what your product can do for them.

    If I buy Amazon product descriptions can I update them at a later date?

    You sure can. If you made any changes to the features of your product you should definitely let the potential buyers know and update the description.

    Do I need to know HTML to upload my Amazon product description?

    Not at all. In fact, Amazon specifically says don’t use HTML, JavaScript, or other types of code. One minor exception you can use line breaks </br> in the description. That’s it!

    Can I use reviews, quotes, or testimonials?

    The short answer is no.

    How do I promote my products on Amazon?

    You can promote your product on Amazon in a variety of ways. For example, buying targeted ads and using social media are useful. Also, include keywords to improve your SEO and rank high in Google search engine results.

    The bottom line is your Amazon product description describes your product, what it is and why it’s worth buying. You want to be able to convey that quickly to your potential buyers by providing enough information about its features and benefits to compel them to make a decision to buy from you.  Don’t hesitate and buy Amazon product descriptions today!

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