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The landing page is often the first glimpse of your business that customers see after performing a web search. Think of them as the front door to your business. As such, your landing page needs to have curb appeal, so to speak, enticing your customers to walk through the door to find out what your company has to offer. The content on your landing page is crucial to the success of your website.

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What is A Landing Page?


Landing pages are mini-websites created for marketing purposes. Think of them as a promotional brochure for your company that will bring in potential customers. The purpose of a landing page is to get your customers to do something you want, like sell them a product or service or boost your email list. Landing pages don’t have standard website navigation. Instead, prospective customers will click on your calls to action (CTA), which will take them to another part of your website. You can have one or many CTAs, but at least one should clearly persuade your audience to take a specific action. Your landing page should be light on graphics and emphasize text, which will make it look more like an email than a fancy website.
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Five Components Of A Fantastic Landing Page


Write like a human.

Essentially, this means understanding your audience’s pain points. They have arrived at your page because they want to solve a problem. Acknowledge what they want with a killer headline that speaks directly to their needs, but you also have to follow it up with sparkling copy that will make them want to keep reading and evening click on the CTA.


Emphasize the benefits of doing business with you.

Addressing pain points also means addressing good points. Your goods or services should make your customers’ lives better. Make sure that you clearly outline what these benefits are. Use compelling subheads and a relevant picture or two to make your points.


Incorporate raving customer testimonials.

What better way is there to convince potential customers than by using testimonials from existing customers? Customer testimonials build trust. Make sure your testimonials come from your target audience members so they will resonate more and convince your readers to click that button.


Be concise and get to the point.

The best white papers feature clear organization. One way to ensure that your white paper is well organized is to draft an outline before you start writing. Think of the different chapters or sections you’ll need to break the white paper into. Then, jot down notes about what information needs to be included in each section. Remember that your white paper should feature an introduction and conclusion, too.


Use clear calls to action.

This element is the most powerful one on the page. After all, it is the whole reason for the existence of your landing page. It’s the element that ultimately leads to conversions. Your CTA should be big and bold, both in design and in the way you word the text. Position your CTAs in a way that your audience will immediately notice them.

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Should You Produce Landing Page Content In-House or Outsource It?


The first question you should ask yourself when creating affiliate marketing content is whether you have the personnel available. Secondly, do you have someone who knows how to write well? Many small businesses often have only a handful of employees, including the owner. In these instances, employees end up wearing many different hats. In these operations, spending time on creating landing page content will take you or your employee away from other essential tasks that may include research and development, customer service, and the like.

Maybe you can write a decent sentence or two, but when it comes to writing copy for promotional purposes, you become stymied and stare at the computer screen, starting your text repeatedly and wondering whether you’ve written it properly. Eventually, you get it right, but you have spent hours writing your landing page and its CTA when you could have spent it doing something at which you are much more adept.

If these scenarios sound familiar, you’re not saving money by writing in-house. You’ll waste money because of the excess amount of time spent on this project. The only time that writing landing pages in-house makes sense is when you have a department dedicated to promoting your company.

Why Have Textbroker Writers Create Your Landing Page?


Now that you have determined that outsourcing your website landing page content makes good sense, you have several routes from which to choose. One choice is contacting an agency that specializes in web development. Many such organizations lure you in with a free period that allows you to try their services, but eventually that free period will expire, and you may end up paying a monthly fee for services that you don’t need. You may not be able to talk with the writer working on your landing page content until it is finished, resulting in miscommunication and multiple rewrites.

Working directly with a freelance landing page writer is a less expensive alternative. While you can communicate directly with your chosen writer, that person may not have experience in your field or may be slow and unreliable. You’ll take a chance on quality and having the text delivered on time.

A better alternative is working with a managed services content writing platform like Textbroker. Our managed services take care of everything for you. We have an extensive selection of freelance writers experienced in many different areas. Finding the right landing page content writer is easy too, so you won’t spend hours poring over resumes and websites to determine if someone fits your needs. You can filter writers by skills, experience, and other factors, who can provide you with unique content in 36 different languages. You can also communicate with your chosen writer via our personal messaging system, so your writer knows exactly what to do.

Other advantages Textbroker offers include:


  • Scalability, allowing you to get small or large projects easily completed

  • No fixed costs, just pay for the words written.

  • Duplicate content check to avoid plagiarism and increase SEO.

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Landing Page FAQs

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How long should a landing page be?

The consensus among experts is that more text on landing pages produces more conversions. Aim for at least 500 words so you can adequately get across your message. However, you’ll find no real minimum or maximum on how many words your landing pages should have. The mistake comes in not having enough text. When in doubt, opt for longer landing page content.

How much should landing page content cost?

Creation of landing page content is usually much less than that for website development. However, note that the price of great landing page content is volatile and depends on several factors. The cost depends on where you go for the work and how experienced your landing page content writer is. The more experience the writer has, the more you can expect to pay. The same goes for length. The longer the content, the more the page will cost. In many instances, landing page content will cost about the same as content of the same length for other pages like blogs.

Is a landing page the same as a home page?

Homepages and landing pages have two different purposes. For a home page, your content should inform visitors, while landing pages focus on persuading visitors to click through and make a decision to buy a product or commit to services.

Why do I need a landing page?

The simple answer is you need one because other types of pages do not serve the same purpose. Landing pages result in more effective conversions. In other words, your audience will be more apt to do what you want them to do.

Are there different types of landing pages?

The short answer is yes. You’ll find four main types of landing pages, each with its own purpose:

  • Squeeze – elicits information from a customer via a free incentive like an e-book

  • E-commerce – built around products to entice an immediate purchase

  • Pre-launch – another page that elicits information around a future incentive

  • Ad campaign – built to receive traffic from an advertising campaign


Why do you need to keep landing page content fresh?

If your landing page has a narrow purpose, you may wonder why you need to keep it fresh. After all, if it’s serving its purpose, why change a good thing? The truth is you need to refresh the content on static pages because it will ultimately benefit your business. While you’ll find no set rule to follow about how often to refresh content, you need to keep several points in mind.

The biggest point to consider is refreshing landing page content is important for SEO. Freshness is one of the elements that search engines use for ranking, so make sure your keywords are relevant along with the content.

Other points to consider are that refreshed content appears more shareable. Visitors will be more interested and likely to stay on your page, leading to conversions. You’ll also give your audience a better user experience while also giving your company a better opportunity to create backlinks. Your business is not static, so it makes sense to review your landing page to find new backlink opportunities.

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