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Textbroker customers love our platform because of its scalability. Whether your project is large or small, we welcome your work. Change from large to small projects with ease and vice versa. You don’t have to assign a minimum number of words per month, and if you have no assignments for a while, you can easily return and pick up right where you left off. In addition, you’ll never pay for work that doesn’t meet your standards, so you’ll never become stuck with purchasing sub-par writing that doesn’t meet your needs. So, let’s talk about newsletter content.

Creating Good Newsletter Content Is Crucial to Your Success

Let’s talk about why you need to buy newsletter content. So many companies put emphasis on social media these days to attract and keep new customers. While that strategy has its place in marketing, only concentrating on social media and your website means that you’re missing out on a strategy that could bring you even more customers and profits: sending newsletters to impart information to your mailing list.

Why Are Newsletters Important for Your Brand?

Some companies overlook newsletters because they think the method is outdated due to the prevalence of videos, storytelling and social media hashtags. However, this is not the case. Newsletters engage your audience more than any other type of digital media and can be as much as 40 times more effective than social media at attracting new customers. Newsletters are essential for marketing and branding. Your audience will become aware of your brand through your newsletter, which will provide them with useful and valuable information.

Newsletters are a cost-effective way to boost your business. What’s more, you’ll be able to take your brand to the next level by capturing more leads and higher conversion rates when visitors click on your website. By crafting engaging newsletters with relevant information, you’ll engage your audience, build your email list through sign-up forms and discover what your audience really wants. When you create a newsletter that is interesting as well as rewarding, how can you not afford to go this route?

What Should Your Newsletter Include?

First off, newsletters should have interesting and engaging content as you don’t want to bore your audience with dry text. Your newsletter should inform, but in an engaging manner, so what do you put into it? Think about product and service announcements, specials, industry trends and information, and market and industry research. Your newsletter should be educational and offer something of value to the reader.

Good strategies include connecting your contacts with popular events and topics. Cutting-edge trends are also good topics, as they are one of the best ways to draw your audience into the conversation and get them to think about what your business can do for them. Finally, make sure that your content includes a call to action, so your readers start thinking about and ultimately take their next step.

Reasons to Buy Newsletter Articles (vs. Writing Yourself)

Buying newsletter articles makes sense for so many reasons. You have the ideas, right? However, do you know how to write that article, or furthermore, do you even have the time to do so? In most cases, the answer is no to both.

Custom newsletter content is a key part of all savvy digital marketing strategies. Some companies place so much emphasis on SERP analysis, mobile optimization and similar factors that they forget that writing is also an important factor for their marketing needs.

Sometimes small business owners, marketing managers, and anyone else involved in a small corporate environment hesitate to buy newsletter content because they believe that the only content available for purchase are pre-written, stock articles that are too general, so they struggle to do the job themselves or assign it to one of their staff. Pursuing this route means that even one article may take a long time, be poorly written or even both.

While you may be able to craft a good business letter, do you really have the wherewithal to write a good article? Instead of sending a newsletter to your audience, you give up on the idea, missing an opportunity to grow your business. In other instances, you may have staff that can write well, but you have such a high need for content that you can’t possibly fulfill your requirements, so something gets lost in the shuffle.

You may have never even thought of all the ways that a newsletter can boost your marketing potential. Engaging newsletters have many different benefits that will make you wonder why you have never put out one regularly in the past.

Crafting a newsletter article is a low-risk and high-reward marketing activity when you find the right person to do it. Original newsletter content can be customized to your needs by experienced writers who breathe life into your newsletter content ideas. By having someone else do the work, you’ll have a regular newsletter that will increase engagement with your audience and bring you new customers. When you buy newsletter articles, you’ll have more time to concentrate on the core tasks of your business, which may be in higher demand if your newsletters do their job by increasing traffic.

Simplify the process.

Buy Original Newsletter Content


Where to Buy Original Newsletter Content

When deciding whether to write newsletter articles in-house or to outsource content, you have three basic choices if you decide to go the latter route:

  • Work directly with a freelancer

  • Contact an agency with a staff of writers

  • Buy newsletter content from a platform like Textbroker

    Each choice has advantages. When you hire a freelancer, you work directly with that individual and should be able to communicate frequently. However, it’s one of the most expensive choices available. You may end up spending a lot on your newsletter content, but the quality is not guaranteed. Neither do you have a guarantee on what may happen if your selected writer doesn’t produce your newsletter content on your desired deadline.

    The second choice, involving hiring an agency, has its drawbacks too. For instance, many agencies require you to include other services you may not necessarily need if you want to buy custom newsletter content. Agencies may require you to buy other services such as web hosting, website creation and the like. Plus, what if you are already an agency looking for help? This method simply doesn’t work.

    Selecting a platform like Textbroker is a third choice. With a content creation platform, you can post a job with your requirements and choose the experienced writer that meets your needs and budget. Plus, this method is a lot more cost-effective than trying to find a writer through an agency or a freelancer through an online clearinghouse.

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    Believe it or not, it’s very likely you have the majority of your content already on hand. Before you write anything, conduct an inventory of any presentations, marketing material, and even video transcriptions you have previously delivered. Additionally, if you or your company has a website, source material can also be found through analyzing webpages. Company blogs especially are excellent sources of eBook content. Also, keep in mind, the last thing you want to do is regurgitate material already provided to your audience. Include exclusives, and as often as possible, offer premium sought-after content for your prospective niche.

    Reasons To Buy Newsletter Content From Textbroker

    • No long-term contracts

    • Pay only for the words written

    • Choose from a list of experienced writers

    • Plagiarism checks

    • Content and translations available in 36 languages

      Newsletter Content FAQ

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      How long should a newsletter be?

      Research indicates that newsletter content length with the highest click-through rate is about 200 words, yet that doesn’t tell the entire story. Your newsletter content should be as long as necessary to get the job done.

      How much does newsletter content cost?

      The cost of newsletter content depends on where you go to get it and the length of your newsletter articles. Textbroker offers an economical way to get newsletter articles as every assignment is valued on a per word basis. You’ll always know the maximum amount you’ll pay.

      Why is duplicate newsletter content a bad idea?

      If you purchase newsletter content from an online library that sells pre-written articles to anyone who wants them, it isn’t original content. Your newsletter will end up with duplicate content as other companies may have the same text. Thus, it won’t boost your SEO and can even harm it.

      Can newsletters help SEO?

      Newsletters don’t directly affect SEO, but you can use them to influence it. You can repurpose content originally found in your newsletter and put it on your blog, thereby directly affecting SEO.

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