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Real Estate Content: The Easy Way To Convert Leads

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Real Estate Content And SEO

Since the real estate industry is intensely competitive, it’s essential that you know which SEO tools to incorporate into your content, including the information on your website.

Content for real estate agents should be optimized for search engines. This makes it easy for potential clients to find you online and learn more about your professional experience. You also need SEO-rich property descriptions to indicate that you’re familiar with the area where you’re selling homes. A real estate writer who can incorporate SEO into your content can help you appear at the top of search engine results. This means people who are searching for properties in your area will be more likely to contact your agency.

Conduct an SEO audit: This will let you know how well you’re doing with SEO and which content needs to be more keyword-dense to show up on customer search queries. Your audit should include information on where your website ranks in search engine results, how often you convert leads into customers, and how much organic traffic your website receives.

Optimize your website and other online real estate content for searches: This means creating SEO-friendly URLs, analyzing your keywords for effectiveness and changing them if necessary, optimizing the images, enhancing the speed of your website, and fixing any broken links associated with your website.

Optimize your website for mobile devices: About 52% of all website traffic is from mobile devices, so you need to make sure your website is just as easy to read on a phone or tablet as it is on a laptop or desktop. Focus on efficient site navigation and search, high page and hosting speed, and usability. Some of your real estate clients will be searching for the information they need while they’re on the go, so it’s crucial to make sure your site can deliver the answers for any device.

Make your website accessible: Keep in mind that everyone should be able to easily access your website. This means being inclusive with people who may have disabilities. Incorporate a speed reader to assist those with visual impairments, and make sure your PDF documents and media players contain a link to any software that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Clearly name all the links and buttons on your website, and ensure that those who visit your website are notified when they enter any incorrect or invalid details. If you have videos on your website or social media pages, include captions to ensure all visitors can clearly understand your marketing message.

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Where Can I Get Quality Real Estate Content?

To keep up with the demand for quality content, you need a real estate writer to deliver pertinent information to potential and established clients. There are several different options for purchasing real estate content, and each of these methods has distinct benefits. If you’re considering outsourcing your content creation, consider these choices:


High-quality content should be one of the main concerns of your real estate agency. However, you should also be focused on staying within your budget when you’re hiring freelancers to create real estate content for you. Freelancers can generally offer more affordable real estate content compared to larger PR firms. After all, freelancers work for themselves and don’t have to pay office maintenance fees. Direct communication is another benefit. You can reach out to a freelancer instead of communicating with the writer’s staff to determine deadlines and receive updates.

Online Platforms

When you use an online platform, you’ll be able to search for writers using a variety of parameters. For example, you can choose a writer that fits the “voice” and brand of your real estate agency. An online platform can also save you time and money since you won’t have to search several sites to find the right that is best for the job. Search the online platform for writers with real estate content experience. You can also find a writing professional who can work with your budget.

The more options you have when you’re outsourcing real estate content, the more you’ll be able to get customized content. And it doesn’t stop at just written content for your websites and blogs. You can also find freelancers who can write script content for commercials or virtual tours of the properties you’re selling.


Why Choose Textbroker?

When you select Textbroker to handle your real estate content, you’ll lighten your workload. For starters, you won’t have to worry about creating the content on your own. You’ll also be working with professional writers who will keep you updated on the status of your project. In the meantime, you can focus your attention on connecting with your clients and promoting your real estate business.

Textbroker offers scalability, which means you can have your projects completed promptly, no matter how small (or big). The hassle-free platform keeps you aware of deadlines, and you can find an affordable real estate content writer who fits your budget.

With the Textbroker platform, you’ll have a wealth of qualified authors to choose from. Since you can request real estate content in 36 languages and translations, you’ll be able to properly communicate your marketing message to anyone in the world. Textbroker is also committed to quality control, which includes checks to make sure none of the delivered work is plagiarized. The team also checks thoroughly for duplicate content to make sure you’re getting unique writing that’s specific to the needs of your business and can’t be found anywhere else.

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How much will my real estate content cost?

The cost of your real estate content will vary based on the author you select. At Textbroker, you’ll have four quality levels to choose from, and each quality level comes with a different price point.


What is scalable content?

If you have scalable content for your real estate business, your content will grow as your company grows. Scalable content is designed to expand or contract as necessary. In other words, it’s quality content customized to appeal to the right consumers and be built upon as your company develops.


Will my content help me reach measurable goals?

Every business needs clear goals and objectives to track its progress. For real estate, it’s ultimately about closing sales. Online content is a big part of developing leads that can turn into clients. Will every person who reads your blogs or property descriptions procure your services? No. But good content is essential — many homebuyers start the search process online. Having a robust website will keep potential clients from turning to competitors who do have lots of content.


Do I have a structured plan for my real estate business?

A structured real estate business plan includes knowing how many clients you want to reach each week, month, or year. This means you should know when to buy content and when to update your real estate content based on your desired demographic. While some of your content should be evergreen to show clients that you are a reliable and reputable business, you should also consider recent national and regional real estate trends and incorporate this information into your blogs, newsletters, and social media content. Your established and potential clients need to know that you’re aware of any changes that are taking place in the market and that you’re equipped to handle these changes to deliver quality service.


Is my marketing message consistent?

All of your real estate content should have a consistent message. When you get content from Textbroker, our professional writers will ensure that your branding message displays a uniform theme that gives your clients a clear perception of who you are and what you can provide. Your message should appeal to your demographic (i.e. first-time homebuyers, individuals interested in purchasing a home after retirement, couples with children who are looking for an affordable home) so you can build your reputation as one of the best real estate agencies in your region.

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