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SEO content

Without a steady stream of new and existing clients buying your business’s goods and services, your business sits pretty much dead in the water. Savvy business owners like you know this. However, attracting new business doesn’t happen by itself. Marketing and advertising exist for a reason after all.

While traditional methods of marketing and advertising still exist, other promotional methods have gained prominence in recent years. SEO content marketing stands out as being one of the most frequently used. Business owners and marketing professionals buy SEO articles from expert SEO writers because they know that these marketing tools are inexpensive and yet very effective.

Why Is SEO Content Important?

Businesses ultimately buy SEO articles for one purpose: to bring in more potential customers. Granted, this statement simplifies things a bit. However, every reason that you have for looking into SEO content marketing services boils down to this in the end.

You probably know, for example, that SEO-optimized content can help your website rank higher on search engines, like Google or Bing. If your website ranks on the first or second pages of these search engines, then your website stands a chance at being found by your target audience.

Research suggests that sites that employ content marketing strategies grow traffic almost eight times faster over the course of a year than sites that don’t. Conversion rates for content-heavy sites run six times higher, too.

Other benefits come into play here as well. Unlike some marketing and advertising methods, good content writing doesn’t feel like “The Big Sell.” This appeals to people. About 70% of customers say they’d rather get to know a company via articles rather than via ads.

Fifty-six percent of would-be customers purchase goods or service due to a company’s website’s content. They prefer content over other types of advertising and marketing. Statistically speaking, almost 50% of consumers peruse three to five pieces of a website’s content before contacting the company to do business.

Finally, there are few better ways to establish your industry expertise than through content marketing. Working with a SEO content writer can help you clarify your brand message and help you to establish your expertise in your industry.

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What Is SEO Content?

SEO Content

When a search engine catalogs the information on your website, it does so in part by cataloging and indexing the keywords on your site. Keywords tell the search engines what the content on your website is about.

Ideally, if your SEO content writer has done the job correctly, the content on your site should match the user’s intent. That means when web searchers land on your site, they find what they expect to find.

For example, say you’re a pediatrician in your local area. If web searchers found your website because they typed “pediatricians near me” into the search box and your site came up, then your site’s content matches the intent of their search.

If you’d like your SEO content writing to consistently hit the mark when it comes to organic searches, you’ll want SEO writing that adheres to the following:

  • Includes appropriate keywords and related synonym keywords in an article’s title, subtitle and throughout the body of the piece.

  • Often capitalizes on long-tail keyword phrases. This would be “losing weight” versus “tricks to losing weight fast and easy” for example.

  • Avoids keyword stuffing.

  • Is based on user intent.

  • Allows for easy reading. Try to apply active instead of passive voice, and use short sentences.

  • Is “skim-able”. Most people skim through a webpage’s content. Features, like keyword-rich subheads, allow readers to get the gist of an article or blog post without reading the whole thing.

  • Is Unique because search engines don’t like duplicate content.

  • Is up to date because search engines also don’t like outdated content.

  • Is relevant and meaningful. Neither users nor search engines like thin content. You should always try to answer all relevant questions a user might have about a search request.

  • Has a clear structure with subheadings, lists, enumerations, etc.

  • Links to other related pieces on your website and, occasionally, out to other authoritative sites.

Buying SEO Articles Vs. Writing Them Yourself

It’s probably safe to say that many business owners don’t feel confident in their writing abilities. Maybe you’re among them. That’s okay. Unless you own a writing-related business, being a good writer isn’t necessarily part of your job description.

However, because SEO content writing produces such good results, you may feel tempted to try your hand at writing your own SEO-rich content anyway. Unfortunately, your attempts at SEO writing may turn out less-than-desirable results due to inexperience.

Another downside exists, too. By taking on this writing task, you’ve pulled yourself away from tasks that you need to do to keep your business running. These tasks count as your business’s primary moneymakers.

The more time you spend on secondary activities, even worthwhile ones, the less time you spend on the important money-making stuff. This holds particularly true if you need a lot of content. Good SEO writing is a full-time job for many writers due to the demand.

This is why you may want to buy SEO articles from experienced SEO content writers instead of writing the articles yourself. You don’t have time for two full-time jobs, your actual job and an SEO writing job.

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Where to Buy SEO Articles

Buy SEO Articles

Fortunately, plenty of possibilities exist. This section covers the three main ones: buying SEO articles from freelancers directly, hiring an SEO content marketing agency or working with content platforms, like Textbroker. Each option has elements that make it a better fit for some situations and not others. Here’s a look at them.



Working with a freelancer offers you many benefits, including only paying for writing services when you need them. However, you may not know where to find a qualified freelancer. Even if you do find one, that’s no guarantee that the writer will fit what your brand needs stylistically.

Finally, the time factor comes into play again. Having to search for someone who fits your needs and doing all the paperwork yourself consumes a lot of time.


SEO Content Agency:

Hiring an SEO agency prevents you from having to look for an SEO writer yourself. There’s no question that many agencies have excellent writers in their employ.

That being said, this option comes with some challenges, too. For some small business owners, the cost of these services may run too high. Aside from this, just because an agency has a roster of writers doesn’t mean that any one of them fits your brand voice.


Content Platforms:

Content-creation platforms, like Textbroker, remain popular with many business owners. They appeal to businesspeople for a few key reasons:

First, content platforms give you access to a multitude of writers. This prevents you from having to search for a writer from scratch.

More specifically, platforms like Textbroker allow you to use filters to find the type of writer you need. The pool of writers is very large so your chance of finding the right writers for your projects is very good.

Second, many of these platforms treat your budget very kindly. Buying SEO articles from an agency can be expensive. Many times, content platforms provide the same or similar services at a much more reasonable price.

Third, you don’t have to do any paperwork and can save that time for core business tasks.

Why Textbroker?

Textbroker eliminates many of the problems that you may run into when you buy SEO articles. While the site’s benefits run the gamut, the following list provides you with a look at some of the key ones.

  • Budget: From a budget standpoint, Textbroker stands head and shoulders above many content writing platforms. Clients pay for articles on a per-word basis. With Textbroker, there’s no need to hire a full-time writer. Textbroker clients hire writers per job and only buy the articles they need. This makes Textbroker scalable.

  • Access to Lots of Writers: Thousands of writers write for Textbroker. In our pool of writers, we have experts on business, education, law, home and family, food, entertainment and more. Where there’s a topic, Textbroker has the perfect writer for it.

  • Textbroker also has translators. It’s possible to find translators who writes in just about any language pair you desire.

  • Duplicate Content Check: Textbroker provides a duplicate content check on every article. SEO writing that isn’t original does a business no good in a web search.

  • No Paperwork: Finally, our clients have no paperwork to fill out. Textbroker’s user-friendly site allows you to order an article in just a couple of minutes. Once the article goes live, it’s ready for a writer to find it and write it for you.

This is how it works

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How Textbroker Self-Service works

SEO Content FAQ

SEO content FAQ

How long should SEO content be?

No single answer exists for this question. As with most types of writing, it really depends on the parameters of the job. It also depends on the topic, as well as the keywords you’d like the article to rank for. Generally speaking, items such as product descriptions are usually relatively short, while in-depth blog posts or guides run longer. Nevertheless, good SEO content should always be as long as necessary to answer all relevant questions a user might have regarding the respective search term.

How much does SEO content writing cost?

The answer to this question also depends on several different factors, like writer specialties and experience. It’s also contingent on whether or not you work with a freelancer, a studio or a content platform.

It finally depends on the length of the content. Even an article that has a low per-word cost still costs quite a bit if the article runs long. Additionally, other factors, like agency overhead, come into play. The more overhead an agency has, the more the agency charges the client. As a rule of thumb, you could say that agencies are the most expensive option, while content platforms are the least expensive option for buying SEO articles.

How much does SEO content writing cost

How to choose the right keywords for SEO articles?

Choosing the right keywords takes time, research and knowledge. It also takes patience. There is also no single element that makes or breaks keyword research. Rather, finding effective keywords comes down to a number of factors, like topic and conversion relevance.

A good SEO writer will also keep the user’s needs and the target audience in mind. Additionally, good SEO practices also include related keywords.

Finally, the SEO marketer will research the competition. Knowing what keywords your competition is trying to rank for helps the writer choose the right keywords.

Find the Right Keywords

Why is duplicate content bad for SEO?

Duplicate content confuses search engines for a number of reasons. The algorithms running them have a difficult time differentiating between the different versions of a piece of content. This makes ranking the content difficult. Duplicate content causes more challenges when it comes to getting indexed. Because more than one copy of a piece exists, the search engine often doesn’t know which one needs to be indexed.

Finally, the question of authority comes into play. If two or more versions of the content exist, the search engine is hard-pressed to figure out which version of the piece has greater importance.

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