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Keeping up with your organization’s social media content needs can feel impossible. You either have to create copious amounts in-house or buy social media content. You know you’re supposed to be posting on your profiles to attract potential customers and get them to visit your website, but how are you supposed to get your content? Most business leaders and business owners have too much going on to sit down and write for social media. Instead of wasting your time trying to keep up with content demands, you can buy social media content created by a professional writer instead.

What Is Social Media Content Anyway?

You’ve heard that you need social media content to succeed in business. Maybe you even read our blog on our own in-house experience with diving into social media marketing. Despite all the hype, though, you may not be sure exactly what social media content is. With so many platforms and profiles to manage, it can be hard to know what counts as content and what’s just part of your profile.

In short, social media content is anything that your organization posts on its social media profile stream for followers to consume. One-line jokes, product promos, videos, linked blogs, photos and information-rich posts are all types of social media content. Your posts are social media content whether you create them yourself, order them from a freelance writer or re-post them from other profiles.

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How Does Social Media Benefit Your Business?

To market effectively, you need to be able to reach as many customers as possible with compelling information about your brand. Social media platforms provide the ideal environment for your organization to attract new customers and build a strong brand identity. Some 3.78 billion people use social media, and 54 percent of them use social media to research products and services. Social media marketing allows you to instantly reach thousands of potential customers and build relationships with them. Of course, posting on Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms can also help direct more traffic to your business’s website.


  • Not all platforms are a perfect fit for every business

  • Do research on which major social media platforms are used the most by your target market demographic

  • Pay attention to the platforms most of your audience is gravitating to

    For example, a company targeting B2B sales of software will likely do well with LinkedIn while a clothing company marketing to teens would be better off with Instagram and TikTok.

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    Get More Engagement

    What if your organization already uses social media but hasn’t seen any results? Many businesses struggle to get started with social media marketing. The key to success is getting your audience to engage with your business. More engagement means more likes, shares, follows and clicks on links to your brand’s homepage.

    First, know that quality is more important than quantity. Most social media users see hundreds of posts per day. Your organization can stand out by offering useful content that educates, inspires, helps your customers make purchasing decisions or simply entertains. Once you have quality content in your hands, you can use these strategies to help drive engagement.


    Get to know your audience

    There’s no way to create strong customer engagement if you don’t know your audience well. If you’ve already invested in market research, you know your buyer personas. Make sure that the content you target is relevant to those consumers. Remember that you’ll need to consider the age of your audience in particular when ordering social media content.


    Embrace Your Influence

    You’ve probably heard about social media influencers, who promote brands or causes to their followers on different platforms. As a business owner or leader, you can also be an influencer in your industry. Choose to be influential by putting yourself in the conversation when it comes to innovations, challenges and successes within your industry. Being a go-to company in your field is a great way to attract new followers and keep your current followers engaged.


    Know The Trends

    It’s important to focus on your business’s products, services and competencies when posting online. The majority of your posts should deal specifically with your organization and industry. However, you need to pay attention to what’s going on in the rest of the world too. For example, many popular brands post topical content during major events such as the Super Bowl and Academy Awards.

    Posting about hot topics helps your brand stay relevant and connect with your followers about something besides your products and services.

    Prioritize Conversations
    Too many business owners make the mistake of thinking that they can buy social media posts, share them on their profiles and close their browsers. Remember that social media is a two-way street. Your organization’s followers expect you to share content with them, and they expect to interact with you too. Pick one person on your marketing team who will be responsible for answering comments and messages on social media. This will allow you to prioritize conversations with followers while building a strong brand voice too.

    Pro Tip – Show off your people

    One of the best ways to drive engagement with your followers is to show your human side. Post behind-the-scenes footage from your locations and share the stories of your most successful teammates. Consumers on social media love to see the people who work for their favorite brands. This type of content is particularly useful if you want to use social media marketing to attract new job applicants.

    How Many Social Media Posts Do You Need Per Day?

    Before you can buy social media posts, you need to know how many posts you should order per day. The answer varies depending on the platform that you’re using. On some platforms, posting frequency for stories as opposed to your main profile feed are different. Here are expert recommendations for posting frequency on four different platforms.

    • On Twitter, aim for anywhere between one and five tweets per day. Anything more than five will overwhelm your followers. Remember that your tweets can be a combination of original content and re-tweets from other users.
    • On Facebook, limit your posts to no more than two per day. Posting too much is a big no-no and can land your account in the dreaded Facebook “jail.”
    • On Instagram, you’ll need to pay close attention to whether you’re posting on your feed or your stories. You should only post to your main feed two to three times per week. You can post to your stories, however, up to twice a day. If you plan to buy content for Instagram, focus on hiring writers to create quality posts for your feed.
    • On LinkedIn, post up to five times a day. You don’t need to post five times, but posting at least once a day during the work week is essential.


    How Can Social Media Indirectly Impact Your SEO?

    When we talk about content marketing, we usually mention search engine optimization (SEO). It’s true that posting on social media won’t directly affect your website’s SEO strategy or search engine rankings. However, social media can indirectly impact your SEO. When you post content from your blog on your feed, you attract more traffic to your website. This is a great way to get organic site visits and attract customers who will share your website with others. SEO researchers have discovered that social shares of your content do have an impact on your overall SEO ranking as well.


    Why Textbroker for Your Written Social Media Content?

    Finding the right author to craft your posts is essential to success on social media. At Textbroker, we’ve pre-screened thousands of authors so that you can simply place your order and wait for your content. Our system automatically screens all content for plagiarism. You can request revisions to work and are not required to pay for content that doesn’t follow your order description. We offer content at different pricing tiers to meet a variety of budgetary needs too. We have the authors and experience needed to meet your social media marketing goals.

    3 Reasons to Buy Social Media Content

    Many small-to-medium enterprises start out by creating social media content in-house. As an organization’s social media following grows, though, keeping up with content needs can be overwhelming. You probably don’t have time to create a few dozen unique posts for your social media channels every week. Writing your own content will take you away from essential business tasks and cause unnecessary frustration.

    When you buy content instead, you:

    Work with a professional writer who can master your brand voice.
    It sounds really simple, but your brand does have an actual tone that can be captured by the right author.

    Avoid overloading your profiles with repetitive or unnecessary posts.
    This takes attention to detail that can be time consuming if you don’t plan correctly.

    Save time and energy so that you can focus on your core business competencies.
    Running a business is challenging enough. Why not find buy social media content so you can focus on other things?


    Buying your content will also allow you to better focus on your social media calendar. Remember that engaging in content planning and using a content calendar are both crucial to success. Creating a content calendar will allow you to easily order the exact amount of on-topic content you need on a weekly or monthly basis.


    How to Buy Social Media Content

    If you’re ready to stop stressing and buy social media posts online, you have options!

    • Hire a freelancer directly. You can hire a writer directly through an online job board or by placing an ad with local media outlets. However, finding an experienced writer who is willing to make revisions can be difficult.
    • Contract with an agency. You can sign a contract with an agency that has its own writers create content for clients. Agencies hire professional writers and sometimes offer satisfaction guarantees, but they tend to be expensive to work with.
    • Order from a platform such as Textbroker. Content platforms such as Textbroker combine the approach of hiring a freelancer directly and working through an agency. You can place individual orders that will be completed by a pre-approved author who works on the platform.

    Buy Social Media Content FAQ

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    How often should I post?

    The answer depends on what social media platform you’re using. In general, you should aim to post at least once a day. If you don’t post regularly, you’ll lose relevance on social media platforms. Keeping a content calendar is a great way to ensure that you’re posting on a regular basis without providing too much or too little to your audience.

    Which platform is best?

    There is no one social media platform that is best for every organization to use. The right social media platform for your company depends on your target audience. If you’re a lifestyle brand trying to influence young adults, you might head to Instagram or TikTok. If you’re an insurance broker targeting recent retirees, you’d be more likely to find success on Facebook or Twitter. Take time to do market research and determine which platform truly meets your needs.

    Can I just repost the same content several times a day?

    On some platforms, yes. If you’re posting on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you can generally recycle your content without issue. On Instagram, however, it doesn’t work well to post the same content repeatedly. Why? The lifespan on your posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Followers who aren’t on the platform shortly after you post may not see your content. On Instagram, the lifespan of a post is anywhere from one to two days. That means your followers are likely to see your new posts without you needing to repost.


    You don’t have time to write social media posts. Our authors do. Reach out today to find out how we can meet your content needs.

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