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Case Study: Allobébé Improved rankings, reduced costs

About the Company:

Allobébé (number 1 in France among the websites for childcare) is part of The CDM Group, which hosts a number of other websites relating to health and childcare: Les Bébés de Sabine, Naturabébé, Centrale des Multiples and MDM France. The target audience of these companies consists of parents and pregnant women, the only exception being MDM France, which targets seniors.

The Challenge:

In the past, in-house copywriters composed all of the content needed. However, due to a very large workload, the company decided to outsourcethe content creation to Textbroker.

The two main goals:

  • The content (informative articles and buying guides) should inform customers on life as a parent as well as the products of the company.
  • The published content should improve search engine rankings.

The Solution:

Textbroker Self-Service:

On average, 35,000 words were ordered per month, which came to about 60 articles and buying guides with varying word counts.

With the exception of some 3-star content for SEO purposes, 4-star quality content was ordered. Most orders came in the form of OpenOrders because these can be created particularly fast.

Some orders, however, came via DirectOrders as this method made it possible for content to be regularly produced by the same author.

The Briefing Requirements:

  • Create paragraphs with sub-headers.
  • Format the article as specified.
  • Use the samples in the briefing for inspiration as well as instructions on writing style and mention brand names.

By publishing text-based content, the website ranking improved.

The website could now position itself into new areas. Allobébé went from being purely an online store to a rich portal of information (covering pregnancy, breast- feeding and so forth).

By using Textbroker, the cost of creating content was reduced, making internal resources available for other projects.


  • “We will continue to use Textbroker as we are satisfied with the content we receive through Self-Service.
  • “After comparing other content solutions (freelancers and competitors) to Textbroker, we realized that Textbroker offers the best value for money.
  • “With Textbroker, we receive high-quality content quickly.

Florian Bordet,
Traffic Manager at Allobébé (CDM Group)

Download the Allobébé case study here.

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