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Case Study Areavibes

Learn how AreaVibes increased traffic and revenue by using Textbroker

High-quality and personalized content from Textbroker was the key for AreaVibes

About the Company:

AreaVibes helps people find the best places to live in America. This is accomplished by assigning a Livability Score out of 100 to any address, zip code, neighborhood or city in America. The Livability Score is created using a unique algorithm based on more than 50 data points for each city, including: amenities, cost of living, crime rates, education, employment, housing and weather.

The Challenge:

AreaVibes chose Textbroker because they offered the ability to create high-quality, fresh content in a short period of time.

From AreaVibes:

“We offered our users a large amount of data for each area, but we were missing the human element of customized, high-quality content to further describe each location. We service more than 35,000 cities and neighborhoods, so finding a content provider to cover such a wide range of cities was next to impossible.”

Map of Locations!


The Solution:

By using Textbrokers’ large group of writers, AreaVibes was quickly able to obtain high-quality, personalized content for the cities and neighborhoods of their choosing; offering their users a perfect mix of data and content written by real people.

Network of writers


The Results 

Increase of Traffic:

From 2016 to 2017, saw  a 32% boost in traffic.


Increase in Revenue:

In that same amount of time AreaVibes saw a increase in revenue of 48%.

Results going up


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