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Case Study: Writing Category Descriptionsfor a Top 10 Internet Retailer

Textbroker created category description content for a top 10 Internet retailer needing written content that would properly communicate the types of products available and boost search engine rankings.

Problem Statement

In order for shoppers and search engines to understand what is being displayed on each page, the best SEO approaches emphasize at least one good paragraph of descriptive content on all category pages. Good content helps to:

  • Raise the profile of Ecommerce site
  • Increase organic search ranking for product and category pages
  • Include internal links to high value brands
  • Improve customer experience

Challenges faced by the Client

To quickly improve the SEO performance of category description content, the client needed to:

  • Update 5,000 category pages with original content
  • Clean up Taxonomy
  • Develop consistent guidelines for internal linking
  • Develop consistent guidelines for HTML and CSS generation

Before Textbroker: Category Page Example

Established Criteria for Success

  • Collaboratively defined an end state
  • Delivered content with HTML and CSS
  • Provided internal links for high value brands

Delivered Excellent Results

  • Delivered 5,000 category pages with original content
  • Content is providing a measurable increase in organic search results
  • SERP increase of almost 5% across all pages
  • Customer has ordered additional content for next phase

After Textbroker: Category Page Example

The top 10 retailer of category pages significantly increased SEO
across their category and product pages
by adding 100 – 150 word category descriptions to thousands of category pages.

Download the full case study as PDF here.


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