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355841 20. September 2015 - 20:01

I would add that client ratings can be a good indication that a client might be open to sending direct orders. I have found that clients who give me good ratings, especially if they take the time to add comments, are sometimes amenable to paying a bit more for direct orders, knowing they'll be receiving consistent, quality content that meets their needs.

If a client gives me average ratings (I've never had a poor rating) several times without any revision requests, I tend not to write for them any longer. Clearly, I'm not giving them quite what they desire, and they must not have the time or the willingness to be more specific.

Also, while I don't think a lack of ratings or a handful or less-than-stellar client ratings should affect a writer's star rating at TB, I do think TB should consider numerous high ratings and praise in the comment section when considering whether or not to advance a writer from level four to level five. Since these writers are clearly giving the clients what they want more often than not, they are helping TB keep or increase business, which benefits their bottom line. Perhaps TB already does this in the mysterious process of advancing writers to the top rank? I hope so. While the editorial standards are, of course, important, I should think client satisfaction is of the utmost concern.

As a final point, I'll echo christym's comment that sometimes the client instructions can veer into subjective territory or areas that contradict TB's editorial rules. I do wish the instructions were formatted a bit more uniformly to help with this. In a case where a client leaves ambiguous instructions or asks the writer to intentionally make a grammatical mistake, if the client is ultimately happy with the result and leaves a good-to-excellent rating, TB should understand that the writer did what the client asked and not ding them editorially for doing so. An additional box in which writers could communicate situations like this to the editors in advance when submitting and article would be most helpful!

Thanks for the article!


282273 21. September 2015 - 4:18

Thank you for taking time recently to explain and respond to this and many of the issues authors raise in forums. More than mere curiosity, I am looking for insights into how and why things here are the way they are. Knowing removes the distraction of speculating, as much fun as that sometimes is. Whether you respond in a forum OP or comment, a cool anniversary contest or articles like this, I appreciate you taking time to address questions and concerns in fun, constructive ways.


565365 22. September 2015 - 21:42

Having been an English teacher, I sympathize entirely. There's a certain ego that comes with the pride of authorship. We all have room to improve.

I have noticed that it may be easier for clients asking for articles in the "business" category to assume there are spelling errors when there are none. Some words in the industry (like "QuickBooks," for example) register as misspelled, and a quick skim makes it appear there are typos. Because of this, I'm glad Textbroker raters do not necessarily base ratings on the client ratings.


2472503 9. February 2017 - 9:51

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