Here's how it works

In just a few steps, you can order customized content for your business. Learn how Textbroker, the content marketplace, works.

Textbroker interface

New design, new functionality

Take a look at the new Textbroker interface for clients.

Textbroker OpenOrder

All information at a glance

Learn how to order articles with the Textbroker OpenOrder.

Textbroker TeamOrder

All information at a glance

See how to order texts from your own author team with the Textbroker TeamOrder.

Textbroker DirectOrder

All information at a glance

How to use the Textbroker DirectOrder.

Payment Options

at Textbroker

See how to top-up your account and get to know the Textbroker payment options.


Ordering Instructions

Clear order instructions are fundamental to getting the content you need.
From explaining the type of content that’s expected to the style in which it should be written,
there are several crucial elements that should be specified. Find out the four key components
your instructions should include by watching our latest tutorial.

Ordering SEO Content

with Textbroker

This tutorial will show you how to choose the keywords and SEO options
to get the optimized content you want from Textbroker authors.

How to manage

your Textbroker author teams

Learn how to manage your own team of authors. See how to use the Textbroker system to find experts,
recruit them into custom teams and manage your Textbroker TeamOrders.

Communication options

at Textbroker

Find out which options are available to clients for communicating with authors.

How to use

Textbroker's CSV upload

Use our CSV template to help get you started and create a spreadsheet with all your instructions.
With our CSV upload tutorial we go over how to upload instructions for multiple orders at a time.

Author Payment


Learn about the author payment process for your Textbroker projects.
Watch this quick video tutorial to know how to set your price, pay a bonus and view receipts.

How to

accept your orders

Accepting orders can be done easily within Textbroker’s Order Administration page.
Watch this quick video tutorial to know how to accept your orders and how to have your orders revised
so that it is exactly what you are looking for.


Bulk Input

Learn how to place multiple orders using the same order instructions.


Briefing Templates

Learn how to use our preconfigured templates with options for specific kinds of content.


Managing Projects

See how easy it is to create new projects or to edit or archive existing ones.


Author Search

See how to find the right author with the author search at Textbroker.


This is how the Textbroker API works:

Seamlessly integrate your Text orders in your own system using the Textbroker API. Discover the Textbroker API options in our video tutorial.

Proofreading Service

For error-free articles

Learn how you can get the grammar and spelling in your orders double checked with our proofreading service.

Order content


See how you can order fresh content automatically – with Textbroker Recurring Orders.

Adjust your Textbroker

profile and settings

Using the Textbroker Archive

for your orders

Learn how to archive your orders and projects for easy organization.

How to use

Textbroker's Export Options

With Textbroker's export options you can get your custom content in the format you need.
Learn more in our video tutorial.

If you have additional questions regarding Textbroker's services,
the platform or anything else,

you can reach us at (702) 534-3832 or

contact us via email at clients@textbroker.com

One of our qualified service representatives will be available to answer your questions.