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Commas Save Lives!

We often hear that "commas don't matter" or "commas are a matter of preference." 

Commas matter.

We often hear that "commas don't matter" or "commas are a matter of preference." 

Commas matter. Consider the difference a comma makes here:

Let's eat Grandma!
Let's eat, Grandma!

If you want Grandma to be seated with you at the table and not as the main course, you need the comma.

After looking for resources online, our editors found that there were many grammar guides and rulebooks, but most of them use technical jargon to describe a pretty simple situation. We've developed a few easy-to-understand tips for you, which we'll share on an ongoing basis. Look for posts in the Grammar category to help you with your commas and other grammar rules.

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John Thomas Bakkila 19. April 2018 - 4:32

Eats, shoots & leaves.


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