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Create Top Ranking Content With This Smart and Free Competitor Keyword Analysis Tool.

Our BRAND NEW & FREE application called “Ti” (Topic Intelligence) approaches SEO & content creation in a completely new way. Ti is an AI-driven powerhouse that analyzes and learns from your competition in Google’s search results.

Based on proprietary algorithms, it improves your content creation efforts, intuitively assesses your content, compares it to your competition and, most importantly, automatically creates a “Natural Language Processed” based author briefing for your next content order.

Say Goodbye to Ancient SEO Audits and Keyword Tools. Here Is What You Can Do With Ti.

There are countless website analysis and free SEO and keyword tools available which provide broad SEO, keyword and ranking reports. But no other tool except Ti makes it so easy to assess your own website, your most important keywords, your competitors’ content & rankings, and provides valuable insight about which content to write to outperform your competition on Google.

With this powerful tool, you can improve your content creation efforts and create the best AI-driven briefing without any in-depth or broader SEO knowledge. Ti is your all-in-one SEO and Keyword Research Tool with AI-driven algorithms in one FREE application that assesses your and your competitors’ content and delivers a briefing to create content that ranks.

  • Assess your and your competitors’ websites

  • From SEO analysis to automatically creating a content briefing

  • Free of charge

  • Uncover your content gap

  • Easy to use – No in-depth SEO knowledge necessary

  • Discovers new keywords you should cover

  • One Big Tool – no need to use others

  • Find new competitors you should monitor

Easy & Free: This is what we like!


Start Your Free Analysis Now

Ti Sounds Complex? Don’t Worry! Ti will make Competitor Keyword Analysis easy as pie.

topic intelligence start

1. Enter Your URL.

Enter your US website you want to analyze. If you do not have a website, proceed without a URL.

Ti Competitor Keyword Analysis

2. Select your top keywords.

Select the most important keywords for your business. If keywords are missing, manually add them to your analysis.

Ti Competition Analysis

3. Select your competition.

Pick your competitors’ websites. You should manually add any competitor you want to assess that does not automatically appear.

How much traffic your competition is taking away from you on important keywords and who your top SEO competitors are.


Ti Traffic Potential


An extensive list of highly relevant keywords you are completely missing out on and should cover.


Ti Keyword List

Most importantly: Based on your competition and our proprietary Natural Language Processing Algorithms, Ti tells you *exactly how* to have the best chances of outperforming your competition on every single keyword.

Ti - Create a briefing

4. Choose the keyword you would like to create a topic briefing for.

Our application extracts all information and creates a NLP-powered author briefing that includes all relevant topics.

… a complete and sophisticated author briefing FOR FREE tweaked for your individual and optimal content needs:

  • Receive personalized topic guidelines for each of your selected keywords and an AI-powered list of words and proper names that are required to rank well based on your content gap and the search competition.

  • Suggestions: What is Google expecting? An informative content piece or transactional website content where users can directly buy a product or service.

  • A list of inspiring, topic-related questions you should cover in order to create a comprehensive and convincing piece of content.

  • Critical word count that your content piece should cover to outrank the competition.

Ti - Complete Briefing

And finally… the best for last.

Ti - Order Content

5. Send your briefing to Textbroker to order content from our Expert Writers.

Ti is completely integrated into the Textbroker content marketplace, which allows you to tap into our hand-selected pool of top Ti authors.

Just a few clicks, and our authors will turn the AI-generated briefing into high-potential content for your website.


Textbroker offers an extended level of service with the Managed Service option. Managed Service gives you additional support and a personal account manager when you want us to manage your projects for you. Find out more here.

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