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Achieve your business goals with a dedicated content manager

Do you need to outsource entire content projects? Do you want high-quality content written to your exact specifications that you can publish immediately? Are you interested in additional content-related services, for example search engine optimization?

Textbroker Managed Service helps you find and brief the right authors to deliver the highest-quality content. Outsource your entire project and get individualized support from our team of content experts. Whatever the type or amount of service you require, we provide customized service packages for any and all of your project’s needs.

A Content Manager is the Key to Business Success

High quality content and strategy are essential for businesses with their sights set on growth. A content manager ensures your company’s website has a regular stream of engaging, informative, and SEO-friendly content. Unfortunately, this can be a challenge for businesses needing more time or budget to manage content internally. You may feel like your search engine ranking won’t stand a chance against better-staffed competitors. That’s not true — third-party content management is often superior and more affordable than keeping a full-time employee to manage web content.

What is a Content Manager?

The content marketing manager oversees the production of content that engages and informs customers about the company’s products, services, or purpose. In smaller organizations, this can be a more hands-on role: The content manager produces and distributes the content through various channels.

What does a content manager do?

Content managers can have assistants such as writers and keyword researchers who often work closely with the business development and marketing departments: some companies segment websites, social media, video, and print content. You might have someone to manage product content or a WordPress or WIX content manager. In some companies, one person must plan and develop content for all the advertising channels, and this person is known as the content management manager.

Content Management Basics

Content managers are responsible for both editorial and technical activities. The range of tasks undertaken is broad and will vary according to the company and the industry. Typical responsibilities include:

  • Developing a content strategy
  • Planning and coordinating content
  • Creating content
  • Updating CMS content
  • Monitoring and controlling content
  • Optimizing content

A content manager is primarily responsible for developing a content strategy that assists the client in achieving short- and long-term goals. We ensure a robust approach by researching the types of content that will propel the company forward, creating it accordingly, and delivering it to the intended audience.

The key to great content is developing a good strategy that supports the business and attracts customers. That’s why firmly identifying the target audience and their pain points is essential. For instance, your audience might need to know more about your products or services, or you might want to give them content that lets them know about new product features. Another need is entertainment and engagement. These should align with business goals.

Developing a Robust Content Strategy

The next step is deciding which content to create. Content creation involves analyzing competitors’ online presence and discovering any gaps you could fill. Do you have an array of product or category pages? If those pages don’t have content relevant to the products, you’re missing out on SEO possibilities. Has your blog page been dormant for months? A regularly updated blog is one of the best ways to attract readers and potential customers.

Content strategy development requires research and planning. The following steps are to create and edit the content. Once it is ready for publication, you must distribute it to various channels. The content manager delivers the content within the project’s timeline and makes any necessary changes. Finally, it would be best to determine its final destination after it has done its job.

Google rewards websites that publish content regularly, and you want to stay fresh in your customer’s mind. Many steps are involved in developing the content strategy needs of your business, and it is a time-consuming process. Fortunately, some companies can take the burden off you and let you get back to what you do best: keeping customers happy.

Depending on the company’s size, they may even need scale their content on a very large level, known as enterprise content management, for all their different content needs.

Content Management With Textbroker

Need more internal resources to handle every step of your content strategy? Third-party assistance can save your site from falling in the search rankings. At Textbroker, we offer content management solutions with our Managed Client Services. These services eliminate the hassle of developing and executing your content strategy. The best part is getting a dedicated project content manager familiar with your brand and needs, no matter the size of your company. Managed services allow you to have consistent, scalable content written by an expert team of writers. Here is how the process works.


The first step in defining a content strategy is a content audit. In this phase, a company’s already published content is analyzed to identify the gap between existing and needed content.

The process begins with a kickoff meeting. You’ll meet directly with the content manager and any assistants on this call. We want to get to know you and know the requirements of what you need from us. If you have specific details, briefings, and deadlines already mapped out, share them with us so we can all be on the same page. You may want some guidance and want to learn more about our process. That’s no problem either. It’s all about collaboration and communication at this stage.

It should determine its objectives before a company can create and publish targeted marketing content. How can the content support the business and communication goals? Is the goal of content to increase traffic or drive more qualified leads to sales? What social signals are essential to the content strategy?


After the kickoff meeting, we’ll develop a project briefing (or author instructions, as we often call it) that outlines the content requirements. Depending on your needs, we’ll incorporate a provided briefing or develop a new briefing based on our experience and SEO best practices. Either way, you’ll get to review and approve our instructions before we get started. Next, our content manager and their team will develop a strategy to help you meet your business goals.

Services could involve:

  • Creating an author team from our crowd of experts
  • Ingesting and setting up spreadsheets for orders
  • Developing a plan scaling to volume per provided deadlines
  • Title and topic creation
  • Keyword research
  • Blog posting or content publishing
  • Optimizing content delivery
  • Establishing a cadence for periodic meetings or reports
  • Processing content feedback

It should determine its objectives before a company can create and publish targeted marketing content. How can the content support the business and communication goals? Is the company’s goal to use the created content to increase traffic or drive more qualified leads to sales? What social signals are essential to the content strategy?

After a precise content plan with clearly defined objectives is developed, a content manager will start with a “pilot” round of 2-5 content orders before we dive into the main stage of the project. The articles created allow us and the client to ensure quality and consistency for ongoing orders. Keep in mind that our editorial team reviews each piece of writing. Nothing is delivered to you until it meets our standards and yours. We can then provide or store your article for you to access anytime. Our team will check each article for plagiarism so you know every piece is original.


When the content is ready for publication, we can send it to you, or a content manager will publish it on your chosen platform. We aim to develop a relationship with you and become part of your team. Our services will help you create and execute a content strategy from start to finish.

We ensure that quality content meets the following criteria:

  • Original
  • Specific target groups
  • Engaging and informative
  • Reader-friendly, well-structured and error-free
  • Optimized for search engines

Importance of Content Management for Businesses

Content managers are seasoned professionals who know what it takes to create content that will connect with a target audience. They hand-select writers to ensure the supply meets the demand. The same is true for our editors. You will have a team you can count on to give you consistent results.

Our content manager teams operate like a professional workforce, only at a fraction of the cost of managing and maintaining an in-house staff. We do the work regarding content for you, giving you more time to dedicate to what you do best. Textbroker is a content manager assistant that is an all-around solution for getting content at scale and at an affordable price.

Why Is Effective Content Crucial for Businesses?

Your content manager is one of the most valuable members of your team. If you have a message you wish to get across to your audience, the best way is to go where they are and seek them out. In today’s world, this means on the web and social media. Traditional media, such as print, television, radio, and billboards, are still part of the marketing mix. However, most customers turn to the Internet to find products and services.

Audiences want to interact more personally with the companies they patronize. They want to know you and what you stand for and have genuine, engaging conversations with you. That is the most important reason why a content manager is crucial for your business’s success.

stressed women facing content challenges and deadlines

The 3 Common Challenges of Content Creation

It is one thing to create content, but it is another thing to create content that achieves a specific business objective if you have a webpage that has poorly written, outdated information, or an irrelevant image. What impression would customers have of your business? What if they visited your website and found the newest article over three years old? That is why having a content manager is so crucial for business success.

The bottom line is that mismanaged content costs your company conversions and customers. It also means lost advertising dollars and a poor return on your investment. One of the biggest challenges businesses face is managing content to make it fresh, relevant, and optimized for readers and search engines. Taking a strategic approach to content is one of the most prominent challenges managers face, and where a content manager can save many unneeded headaches and stress.

1. Technology Challenges

Technology challenges go beyond having the proper hardware and software in place. Many companies that purchase the right equipment still need employees who can use it efficiently. Smaller companies face different challenges regarding technology than larger ones.

Small companies may need more resources and technology to compete against larger competitors with those resources. As the need to create content at scale increases, these challenges compound. Textbroker’s solutions provide access to a specialized content manager with the latest industry information and technology, so you do not have to. Textbroker has the resources to let you scale up with little effort as your company grows along with your content needs.

2. Too Many Departments or Brands

In larger organizations, one of the challenges is coordinating content among different departments or brands. The message you send out needs to be clear and consistent. If you need help coordinating your content posting to be consistent, you need a central place to manage all your content needs. Textbroker can help you resolve these issues because you can launch as many campaigns as you like and have a single content manager for all of them.

3. Workflow and Process Management

The process of creating content and managing it has many moving parts. It is easy for an in-house team to end up with misplaced files, missed deadlines, and helpful content not being utilized to their capability. Mismanagement is a cause of a lot of wasted time and effort. Content is an asset and reflects who you are as a professional. Textbroker has partnered with many clients all over the world. Nearly two decades of experience means we know how to create content efficiently and deliver it consistently.

Advantages of a Centralized Content Management Approach

All the challenges discussed earlier have a common theme. They stem from the need for a centralized, guiding strategy. Textbroker has the right software and SEO digital content manager team to manage your articles and social media posts from a central location. You will no longer have to worry about losing content and resources or missing deadlines because your staff is overwhelmed. Textbroker gives you a central location to manage your content and a team of experts to help you achieve it. To ensure your content resonates with your audience, it’s crucial to hire content manager experts who understand your brand’s unique voice.

Quality Content Enhances Customer Experience and Engagement

The quality of your content speaks volumes about what customers can expect from their experience with your products and services, and a content manager ensures the utmost quality in the content shown to your audience. Content that needs to be updated or engage readers will make potential customers quickly click away from your site. Professionally written content will help them find the information they need immediately, making them more likely to stick around and see what you offer. Readers who find engaging content will likely turn from browsers into customers.

A Content Manager Brings Experience and Expertise to the Table

Textbroker brings the leading industry technology and people you need to create content that converts into web traffic. Content is what our team does every day. We must stay up-to-date about the latest content trends and techniques to stay competitive. We are experts in our field and have worked on enterprise content management projects with companies including eBay, Staples, and Yoast. Our services will ensure that you will not have to worry about the quality and consistency of the content you receive.

Who Oversees the Content Manager?

When you content manage a team, the only feedback you might receive is through metrics on how well the content performed. A dedicated team is familiar with your business goals and can monitor metrics to ensure you meet them.

At Textbroker, we provide a dedicated content marketing manager trained in our processes for maintaining quality through several layers to ensure that the content you receive is the best. If you are ready to see what Textbroker’s managed services can do to help you create the content you need at scale, tell us about your content needs or call us directly to see what we can do for you! We also have a self-service ordering option for those who are DIYers

This is how Textbroker’s content management service works

How Managed-Service works

Content in numerous languages for international business

With Textbroker’s Managed Service, you can get unique content in 36 different languages, written and composed by native speakers. We also offer a translation service for every language in the world. Get high-quality content for any market – learn more here.

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