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Content Marketing for Creative Agencies

Agencies that can convince clients through their own presence on social media, in blogs, or using webinars will find it easier to persuade prospective customers to use their service.

By now, many businesses have come to the realization that good content strategies are an indispensable part of their online marketing future. This necessity has created countless advertising agencies and consulting firms that now offer their clients extensive content marketing services. It is increasingly important for these companies to practice what they preach. Agencies themselves would be well advised to engage in intensive content marketing to impress potential clients with their expertise in this broad field.

Content strategies can adopt many different approaches. The decisive factor here is each respective company or agency needs to present itself to the target group in an open and accessible manner and make a connection with the client. Choosing appropriate media channels is also important because in the course of its content marketing activities, an agency may be working with text, image and video to promote across social networks and should be equally competent in all of these spheres.

Here are some tips that will help agencies create amazing new content strategies for their clients and for their own needs.

Develop content strategies with your clients – rather than just on their behalf


Content marketing is not about inventing a new identity from scratch; it’s more a matter of building on existing features and benefits and presenting everything in the best possible light. Nobody understands a company better than the client. As part of creating a web presence based on the latest in design and technology, an agency can provide excellent support that will allow the client to express themselves via text and visual images. Communication is key. If such details are not clearly communicated, then misunderstandings can quickly occur.

Ideally, the client will have a contact person who can provide the agency with this important information, which could include anything from technical details to upcoming appointments. Business clients should also use their own staff to answer questions and provide feedback on social networks. In many instances, an agency would not be able to respond as quickly and competently as the client because where there were doubts, they would have to contact the client themselves first to get an approved response.

Develop close relationships with existing clients and potential customers. In the past, advertising campaigns were based solely on describing the features and benefits of a product. Communication with the customer base was simply regarded as a one-way street. Today’s content marketing focuses on an exchange of content that must be tailored to the needs of the respective target group. Therefore, it is crucial to have a permanent dialogue with your business clients to plan a content strategy together.

Content marketing is not classic advertising


Content marketing strategies are very different from traditional advertising campaigns. However, many customers are not aware of the differences. It’s quite common to find that content marketing is simply understood as another way to advertise. Your potential clients should be made aware that it’s more a matter of establishing closer links with customers. Successful advertising messages can be rather daunting and are often the reason that entrepreneurs do not make significant progress with their own content. They should keep in mind that users are looking for information, guidance, or assistance with problems that concern them.

Content marketing is never complete because anyone who stops producing new content is destined to lose out on users in the long term. Once content has been published, it remains permanently available and can attract consumers for years to come.

Develop a strategy-oriented, rather than a project-oriented, framework in which each individual project, and every single post, must fit into an overarching strategy. This content strategy should itself be constantly analyzed and adapted across the whole period of your collaborative relationship with each respective business client.

How agencies define themselves through content strategies


Anyone who promotes successful content strategies should be a good role model in addition to providing first-class content. As a creative agency, you should have some fascinating stories to tell because you are the insider within an industry that influences the world. Your content is the product of your agency’s style and thus represents a shop window through which your prospective business customers will be able to view the range of possibilities your service can make available to them.

Of course, it’s easier to convince these customers that you can help them if you already have a portfolio full of successful content marketing campaigns. And if, by sharing useful content, you have also gathered a loyal following of up-and-coming bloggers or aspiring online entrepreneurs, then you will also benefit from the “guru effect.” As a result, you will usually find it much easier to convince customers that your ideas are worthwhile and persuade them to abandon their traditional advertising practices.

Many people are influenced in their opinion-forming or purchasing decisions by bloggers who acknowledge you as an expert. In addition, you will also find it productive to work with influencers who are in the same industry and/or occupy the same niche as you. These content producers already have their own sizeable fan base and will have earned their users’ trust through quality content. Possible collaborations with these influencers might consist of sharing/exchanging articles or promoting jointly created content. Even neutral product ideas or analyses will attract a large audience.

Of course, you can also build your own community, for example by setting up Facebook groups or forums on your website. This requires a lot of patience, but if you regularly provide useful, educational, or amusing content of high quality and respond to feedback from your users, you will accumulate a loyal user base over time.

Themed ideas for agencies


  • Blog about events and new developments in your industry.
  • Show users how your agency works by documenting an actual project from the initial brainstorming phase right through to the rollout, for example.
  • Present the success stories or outcomes your clients have achieved as a result of your marketing campaigns.
  • Give your clients valuable tips on how to work and communicate with advertising agencies –explain what to look for when choosing an agency, or what specific services they might expect to receive, for example.
  • Support career entrants and students with useful job search tips. In this way, you will demonstrate competence and, in addition, will attract numerous fresh and talented applicants. Some of these individuals will be suitable as new leaders within your own creative team.
  • Give insights into the everyday life of your agency, introduce your employees or run special features. Some humor often works well in these contexts.
  • Let your users create their own content –through competitions or surveys, for example. Be careful because such actions can occasionally backfire. Interview interesting people from your industry, or ask them to write for you as guest contributors.
  • Host webinars and online seminars or write e-books that contain valuable expertise. Such useful assets can also be used as a way of getting users to sign up for your newsletter or as a means of getting them to visit your landing pages.


Use different channels and formats


Don’t just limit yourself to blogs or posts on your website. Tell your stories, and the stories of your customers, through photos, infographics, memes and video clips. Make sure you’re on all relevant channels such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube. Be sure to keep an eye on new developments and trends so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.



There is no one-size-fits-all solution that will work in every case – even for content-marketing professionals. Each company, and every client, is different and will require their own individually tailored strategy. Agencies that can convince clients through their own presence on social media, in blogs, or using webinars will find it easier to persuade prospective customers that they really understand their field.




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