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What is a Content Marketing Agency?

Let’s start with the basics, a content marketing agency offers ideation, writes and revises copy on behalf of customers. In addition, the agency offers many additional services in connection with content and search engine optimization. The editing and proofreading of texts are also tasks assigned to the agency.

Content planning

What generally happens during the content planning stage? This is a common question when it comes to content marketing. It all starts with a solid structure. This is especially important for more complex projects – and strategic planning pays off with increased clicks and conversions.

Keyword research

It isn’t enough to just produce good content. Even great content won’t reach your intended audience on its own. A content marketing agency will work to research relevant keywordsand ensure these terms promote your content while ranking high in Google’s search results.

WDF * IDF is a magic formula for SEO. It’s a bit of a unicorn. Keywords, synonyms, and even good old fashioned transitional words are important to answer all aspects of the search query and to satisfy both the user and the search engine agendas.

Content creation and content rewrites

When you’ve settled on your topics with the content marketing agency, it’s time to write. Professional copywriters create high-quality content that scores with the target group. Often it is also worth revising existing content (content rewrite or content recycling ).


With content seeding, you can accurately place your content at the touchpoints where your customers are most likely to view it. Think locations like blogs, social media, and your website homepage. A copywriting agency also has a head start in terms of knowledge and experience in this area.

Conversion optimization

“Order here”“Buy now”“More information”: Everything boils down to the call-to-action if you want to make sales on the web. The right wording is also important for the conversion rate.

Editing and proofreading

A content marketing agency also check your copy from a stylistic, linguistic, and spelling point of view. You really want your copy to be error-free and legible.


Whether English-Spanish, French-English, or German-Dutch: because the digital world is a space without borders, translations are also a hallmark of services offered by a content marketing agency.

What are the main tasks a content marketing agency performs?

A content marketing agency primarily works for online customers. However, given the enormous amount of online copy, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd with your own content. That is why quality counts above all. Agency services can include:

  • Blog articles

  • Product descriptions

  • Website content

  • Advertising copy

  • Press releases

  • Social media posts

  • Whitepapers

  • E-books

  • Newsletter
  • Keep in mind copy requirements will vary depending on the genre. A content marketing agency has a pool of specialized authors, some of whom are permanently employed, but mostly work as freelancers for the agency.

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    What Makes Professional Copywriters So Special?

    • They put their heart and soul into their writing projects. They are creative and can advise you on optimizing your content strategy.

    • They can put themselves in other people’s shoes and understand the perspective of the reader.

    • They are reliable, stick to deadlines and will keep you up to date on progress.

    • They are ambitious, patient and critical of their own work.

    • They can handle criticism and use feedback to improve their content.

    • Many copywriters are already part of your industry’s network, so they are familiar with what other businesses and organizations are doing or have done in the past.

    • Copywriters are familiar with SEO best practices and can add visual elements to improve your content.

    Hiring a Content Marketing Agency vs a Freelance Writers Exchange

    What is the difference between hiring a content marketing agency vs a freelance writers exchange?

    These terms are often considered interchangeable. However, this is not entirely true.

    A content marketing agency takes on content creation assignments and transfers them to individual authors or teams of authors. Throughout this process, the client only works with the agency.

    A writer’s exchange is a platform that gives you access to a large pool of independent copywriters. You can freely advertise individual jobs or select a specific copywriter.

    Textbroker offers you both alternatives: text exchange and text agency. You can use Textbroker either as a content platform or as a professional agency for the creation of high-quality texts. Sign up for our managed client service and Textbroker employees will assist you with content planning, creation of author briefings, selection of expert authors, and help perfect your content creation. So. you get a complete solution for your specific projects.

    The Advantage of Platforms: Scalable Capacities

    Quality content creation can come down to value. How much does good content cost? There is no general answer to that. Ultimately, the price-performance ratio always plays a role. Concentrating solely on price can affect content quality. However, focusing on value can deliver what you need, with a high degree of quality your business is looking for.

    If you hire freelancers directly, you can of course negotiate the prices yourself. Since you are in direct contact with them, you can have these conversations. However, it can be time-consuming to find suitable copywriters independently. The price depends very much on the experience and specialization of the writer.

    Author searchAgencies can of course offer one-on-one support and many years of experience. Accordingly, this is the most cost-intensive option.

    With a content marketing agency, you are as flexible as possible. You can split your projects into individual assignments and search for suitable authors via the copywriting platform. The prices depend very much on the quality of the authors. In addition, platforms such as Textbroker also offer the services of a content marketing agency as an additional option.

    Your time has value

    The supposedly free method is to write content yourself – or have company employees create it. However, there are two challenges here: Are you a professional writer? And is it worth tying up time and resources for content creation in-house? There are three main points that are important when it comes to texts for the Web:

    • Error Free Content

    • Optimized for Search Engines

    • Unique point of view

    You should only start writing if you are sure that you will be able to fulfill these points on your own. If not, it’s best to outsource this task.


    In-House Copywriting: Face-to-Face Communication

    It is true that having in-house writers can streamline the process of content creation. You can communicate directly with authors in a face-to-face conversation whenever necessary. Of course, this option means a long-term investment to set up a full editorial department.

    Quality Guarantee

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