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Content Marketing and the PR Industry – A Strong connection

Every time you write a blog post, update your Facebook page or send out a tweet, you are generating online content that will speak for the associated brand name. Most businesses now have websites, blogs and social media accounts because there are benefits to reaching their target markets in a more direct manner. For PR professionals, this shift towards online interaction demands a heavy reliance on content marketing. 

When it comes to branded content, it is essential that you remain transparent. Focus on the quality of your content and publish content that your audience wants to read and make them want to participate. Make sure you clients are spending their time reading relevant and enjoyable content, but let them make their own judgments about what they are reading.

It is difficult to have a discussion about content marketing without bringing up search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO. Google has a complicated algorithm that is used to determine the topic and value of every website in existence. Those websites are then ranked according to key search terms present on individual web pages.

Web pages that get ranked high appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), and that means more consumers and information seekers find those web pages. This is important for the PR professional to understand because getting to the top of the SERPs is important to the reputation and bottom line of many businesses today.

The challenge for a business is creating content that reaches human readers while still ranking high with the search engines. Public relations campaigns must keep all of this in mind when generating buzz through social media, blog posts or any other type of content.

PR is all about creating and presenting stories with which consumers can relate. Content marketing is a powerful way to create and spread those stories, and this is nothing new to the industry. What is new is the strong emphasis on marketing to search engines as well as humans.

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156189 27. December 2013 - 14:55

Thank you very much. I know when I would see what I thought would be an easy article to write would end up being the most complicated one. Some clients give great instructions that I and others can follow quite easily. There are some clients that leave me scratching my head wondering what they are saying or asking. 

One client said not to repeat things. That was understandable, so I kept reading and they kept saying the same thing over and over. They were doing the exact same thing that they were telling the authors not to do. That lost my intrest right away. Sometimes there is one word count and in the instructions there is another word count and I have no idea which one to pick. I like it when the clients are polite when they ask for a revision. I will do my very best to do a revision when asked in a polite manner. If a client comes across in a rude manner I usually do not do the revisions. Writing is fun and it is a way for people to make a profit, but at the same time we need to remember our manners and write the best articles that we can and to learn from our writings. Maybe I am old fashioned talking about manners, but the technology that we have is great and I believe that at the top of all the technology should be manners. Without manners along with technology we lose all of our humanity.


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