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Value-laden written material is an indispensable part of good content marketing for e-commerce. To this end, having a content strategy for e-commerce will establish your brand authority. It’s the best way to ensure that returning and new customers can get the information they need about your products and services. A good content strategy can establish you as an authority in your industry, inspire trust, and add value to the experience your customers have with your organization, products, and services. 


 A well-formed e-commerce content strategy helps you establish a good search engine optimization (SEO) profile that makes you visible to people searching for you online. We probably don’t need to convince you of the importance of good content marketing for e-commerce strategy. However, you may still have questions about how to develop your e-commerce content strategy. Textbroker is here to help you take the first steps to becoming an e-commerce strategist.


Content Marketing for Ecommerce Sales

 Our intention here is not to create a comprehensive guide to content marketing for e-commerce. Instead, we’ll cover some frequently asked questions and critical concerns.


How Compelling Product Descriptions Improve Online Presence and Visibility

 Product descriptions are among the most common and necessary parts of e-commerce content marketing. The more compelling they are, the better they convince visitors to purchase. The more accurate they are, the more valuable they are to those considering purchasing. Making sure a product description is wholly optimized allows potential buyers to make the best choice for them.


 When your product descriptions score well for all these points, you will provide your customers with a resource they will appreciate and benefit from. A good product description tells shoppers precisely what they are getting. It tells them why they should choose it over competing products and gives them the sense that you are a trustworthy merchant.


 But the best product descriptions go beyond this. They do so by clarifying to target audiences exactly why your product is a good choice for them: It addresses their wants and needs fully and illustrates every benefit the customer hopes to gain with their purchase. These needs are social, practical, economical, and personal.


 Strong content and commerce product descriptions meet these needs: 

 Social: How the product will make the buyer look, how it compares to products owned by people the buyer knows, and how it will serve the buyer in social settings.


 Practical: How well, quickly, and efficiently the product fulfills its core functions. Does it do the job? If so, how? Does it do the job in a way that comparable products do not? In what way is it superior, or is it not?


 Economic: Economic considerations are simply about value. Is your product more or less affordable than comparable products? Is it worth the cost? Or is it offered at a lower price point, which might indicate a reduction in quality? It is all about value.


 Personal: Personal considerations include sentimental value and familiarity. Is the product as desirable as memorabilia or similar to older products? Also, familiarity with similar products can motivate customers to buy. Familiarity connects to ease of use, comfort, and enjoyment.


 As a critical factor in your content marketing for e-commerce, your product descriptions are essential to your SEO commerce content plan. Because they are (or should be) regularly updated, they represent a prime opportunity for you as an online commerce strategist to keep your site and pages pushing toward the top of search engine display results.


 Otherwise known as commerce content, product descriptions offer all the potential advantages of other forms of content. However, this online content should be brief and contain links to more descriptive material for complete e-commerce content optimization.


Strategies to Optimize Ecommerce Content for SEO

 The key to optimizing online commercial content is maximizing content quality and SEO. Your SEO efforts, if successful, will draw new and returning customers to your site, which is excellent. But if you place all your focus on SEO alone and none on quality, then that is even worse than having a poor SEO profile. Why? Because your good SEO will draw views to your lousy content, which will convince potential buyers never to return to your site!


 Therefore, it’s arguably more important to have good content than good SEO. But, of course, you need both to get the results you want from your online commerce content. So, we could break down good content marketing for e-commerce strategy into two parts: SEO and content. 


 Any other content commerce strategy will fit into one or both of these categories. So, you have content strategies focusing on quality, accuracy, value, and brand messaging. Then, you have SEO content commerce to draw your target audience to your site. These two strategy types can overlap, share properties, and support each other. But they contain everything you need to know about effective content marketing for e-commerce.


 As you improve as a content strategist, these two types of content marketing for e-commerce will appear at the same time. What’s important is to be aware of them so that you can make them work together effectively.


The Storytelling Approach and How It Enhances Perceived Product Value

 The storytelling content marketing for the e-commerce approach is about making content naturally appealing. When done well, it automatically covers the personal and social aspects of good product descriptions. When done expertly, storytelling content marketing for e-commerce strategy has the effect of demonstrating good value and utility selling points. Most importantly, it does all these things in a way that draws the reader in, illustrates the quality of your products and all its selling points, and shows the customer how the product will enhance their everyday life.


 People learn best through stories. Why? Because our lives are stories. We think in stories, and they generate a satisfying feeling of progress, growth, and completion. A strong sales narrative paints your target demographic as the central character in the story of the things you sell. It is also easier for most writers to think and work in storytelling content marketing for e-commerce, which makes content creation faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective.


 Storytelling enhances any effort to impart information. For example, word problems are usually easier for math students than abstract mathematical ones since they place numbers into a context that is easy to think about. Your customer will receive a compelling narrative like a song that can stick in the mind. This narrative will follow them wherever they go, integrating with their daily experience and interacting with other product offerings that may or may not enhance their willingness to buy.


Steps Business Owners Can Take to Implement Better Product Listing Practices

 Fortunately, content marketing best practices has been reduced to an all but tough science over the last 20 to 30 years of widespread online commerce. The most important, proven keys to good product content marketing for e-commerce look something like this:


 1. Keyword research

 2. High-performing product titles

 3. Informative product descriptions

 4. Key details with bullet points

 5. Back-end search terms

 6. High-quality product images

 7. Adjusting product prices to drive sales


 These are content marketing for e-commerce best practices for almost any listing page. Most of them should be self-explanatory. These should be priorities as you craft your listings, product descriptions, and sales pages.


The Role of a Dedicated Content Manager in Your E-commerce Strategy

 An e-commerce content manager oversees creating and optimizing content marketing for e-commerce material and strategy. They are vital to the success of your sales content, ensuring that your organization produces a steady stream of compelling, helpful, informative, and search engine-competitive material.


 When you leverage Textbroker’s acclaimed content management services, you get:

  • Content strategy development
  • Content planning and coordination
  • Expert content creation
  • CMS content updates
  • Content monitoring and control
  • Optimized content


 Just as every business is unique, every business needs a unique content strategy. It must be unique in its tone, branding, target market, and typographically unique to avoid plagiarism triggers. Even if your products are not exceptional, your core audience is, and they need you to reach out to them in a way that feels personal. The most important part of a content manager’s job is to research and understand your target demographic and how to appeal to their needs, wants, and personalities. 


 Further, your e-commerce content manager will be responsible for selecting writers who specialize in your industry and can meet your unique content needs. Our team will craft workflows that match your content volume requirements and deadlines. They will also ensure that all your content is original, informative, engaging, reader-friendly, SEO optimized, and targets your key demographics.


How a Dedicated E-Commerce Content Manager (DECM) Can Help Establish Powerful Content Marketing Strategies

 Content management is a full-time job. Online commerce content writing can take much time away from other essential company projects, so having someone dedicated to the site’s content and updates is critical. A dedicated e-commerce content manager will have the time and freedom to:


  • Focus on high-quality content.
  • Research subject matter
  • Interview experts
  • Work with sales teams directly.
  • Monitor search performance
  • Optimize tracking results
  • Update posted content
  • Oversee other marketing and sales initiatives.


E-commerce Content Writing Tailored to Your Needs

 Dedicated content marketing managers have existed for nearly as long as content marketing for e-commerce. These professionals have a measurable effect on marketing gains. Some examples demonstrate as much as an 800% jump in lead conversions and an increase in website traffic by more than 1000%. Numbers like these are not universal, but they are indeed achievable.


 After an initial consultation, Textbroker will assign you a dedicated e-commerce content manager who is well-suited to your needs and familiar with the content requirements of your industry. Your rep will examine your unique business profile, develop a content marketing plan specifically for you, and begin working with a team of writers hand-picked to create the content you need and your audience craves.


FAQs Business Leaders Have About Content Marketing for E-commerce

Can you walk me through your process for content creation, from ideation to publication?

 When you choose Textbroker as your content marketing manager, the process starts with a kickoff call to discuss your company’s needs and goals. We’ll go over content ideas, formats, deadlines, and more. Our team then creates author instructions, in line with any briefings you might have for individual topics, and places your content titles with a specialized writing team. Each completed order is checked for plagiarism and proofread by our editorial staff before it’s delivered to you or posted directly on your platform.


How do you stay updated on industry e-commerce content trends and best practices?

 Generating quality content to rank higher on Google requires ongoing dedicated research. This research is both passive and active. It’s passive, taking place automatically as we research specific pieces of content. It also occurs actively as Textbroker’s teams seek out trends, study shifting norms, and fill knowledge gaps. eBay is just one of our dozens of happy e-commerce clients.


How do you address content gaps and identify new product content creation opportunities based on audience needs and industry trends?

 Your dedicated online commerce content team will regularly evaluate your content to determine how well it matches the latest developments in your industry. When new products and services come to the fore, Textbroker will work to determine whether your existing e-commerce content matches the demand those developments represent. Content should also respond to the latest developments in thought leadership and be crafted to fit the needs of your target demographics.


 Contact us today to learn more about Textbroker’s content marketing for e-commerce services or get started today. Experienced content development experts are here to answer all your questions.

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