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Does Content Marketing Boost SEO?

No matter what kind of website you own or manage today, SEO is one of the most important factors for that site’s visibility. See how content marketing can boost your SEO strategy.


Why Is SEO Important?

When potential customers or clients type keywords into Google, Bing or other search engines, you want your website to pop up as one of the best choices for what they seek. That is, you want your website to appear near the top of the search results when the right customer uses keywords relevant to your offerings. You want to rank high among your competitors when a qualified web surfer seeks information.

SEO ranking largely depends on which websites provide the most relevance to the keywords entered in search. If your website sells widgets in Chicago, you want to rank high when your prospects type the keywords “widget dealers in Chicago” in the search bar. You want to appear for a wide range of relevant keywords and phrases.

What Is Content Marketing and Why Is It Important?

Content marketing is a form of inbound marketing. But content marketing digs more deeply than advertising. This type of marketing provides useful, helpful, interesting or convincing content for website visitors. It also draws them more deeply into the sales funnel. With the right content marketing strategy, you gain calls or emails from customers who are somewhat pre-qualified and ready to engage. What could be better than that?

Your content marketing strategy does not need to work alone. Instead, it partners with SEO and other types of digital marketing, such as PPC. When this is done well, your content delivers higher website ranking in search, answers more keyword queries and reaches more qualified customers.

How Do Content Marketing and SEO Work Together?

Google requirements change on an ongoing basis. These requirements, called algorithms, favor certain content marketing elements for placing your brand website in front of web surfers. Some of these elements the Google algorithms look for include keyword inclusion in content, length of published content and types of content – such as video, graphics or text.

When your content satisfies these Google interests, your site ranks higher in Google search. The higher the rank, the more visible your site becomes over your competitors’. This is how content marketing works with SEO. That is, the richness of your content and relevance to your audience drive your website higher in the search results. In essence, your content strategy is a race to provide your expertise and brand “answers” to prospects before your competitors do so.

Other ways SEO and content work together include:

The More Content You Publish, the More Searches You Satisfy

Humans search using our logic. We click on websites and links based on whether we think the content or site will prove useful in meeting our needs. But search engines like Google use algorithms to answer human logic. These engines rely on matching what you and others publish on the web with the keywords typed into search fields.

Using your well-written and informative content, you gain a lot of space for placement of keywords you know your target audience types into search. By addressing your targets’ needs before they ask for results, your site appears higher in those results.

Articles, blogs, guides and other content provide a place for you to plug in keywords through relevant information. Using updated keyword insights, you meet visitor needs and trends.

For example, ad cetera, inc. is a business that offers customized promotional items to customers. The topic of promotional items can be a bit unimaginative, and there are plenty of companies out there offering similar products and services. In order to set their business apart from the competition in search results, ad cetera utilizes their blog to post content that not only includes relevant keywords but also engages readers by featuring purchasing tips and ideas for various occasions and interesting information on their products. This encourages a higher search ranking as well as sales.

Google Ranks Informative Content Higher

Studies prove Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) and results ranking rely heavily on rich, deep content. To meet Google’s needs for content, include only relevant, informative and detailed information in your pages or posts. When the search engine mines the web for quality answers to your target’s questions, you want your site to show up in the results.

On the flip side, writing irrelevant, pointless, low-quality or boring content hurts your SEO ranking. When visitors click out of your site more quickly because their needs are not met by your content, that shows Google you should not appear at top of the SERPs.

So How Can Content Marketing Boost Your SEO?

To boost your SEO, give Google and your target audience what they want. That sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? After all, you are in the business of meeting certain needs for your customers or clients. So now, just meet those needs well on your website, too.

Do not fall into the “quickie SEO” trap of just focusing on keyword insights and expectations of visitor search terms. Also, do not just drop keywords into low-quality content and expect a high ranking.

Use your insights to develop content that meets your prospects’ needs  This will help meet your content KPIs which is always necessary.  When those visitors appreciate your quality in information presentation, Google pays you back by sending more customers your way. Over time, you build your website and your business this way.

Have fun with your content marketing strategy. Get creative with the information you provide, relying on what your targets ask about most. Interest your audience and engage them first through search to have the opportunity to engage more of them at a deeper, more qualified point in your sales funnel.




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