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Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs have been starting their own businesses since the beginning of recorded time, and many of these small brick-and-mortar companies survived with little or no advertising because they were the only game in town. However, almost overnight, the Internet turned the business world upside down. Now, competition for products or services can come from anywhere on the globe. In order to survive, small businesses have to build brand recognition, and the best way to do that is by creating an effective online presence that drives traffic to their website.

The first step is to design a website that allows blogging, posting of pictures and videos, and insertion of articles. Ideally, it will also save the search words that visitors use to find the site; authors can later use them as keywords in written material. The website is the public face of the company, so it needs to be professional and easy to maintain. Outsource the design if there isn’t sufficient in-house talent to complete the task.

Social media outlets are also critically important in the establishment of a recognizable brand. Some of the most effective social sites include LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Postings on these sites usually include a link back to the company’s primary website.

Productive marketing tactics include the publication of product descriptions, press releases, eNewsletters, blog postings and articles. This is ideal content for a company website or a social media page. If there are insufficient in-house resources, this type of material is easily delegated to outside professionals.

In fact, a recent survey reported that 34 percent of the small businesses contacted outsource marketing to content providers. Of these, 66 percent outsource writing and design tasks. The experts excel at increasing the visibility of a company by providing interesting content that engages the reader and encourages repeat visits.

To get started, call a content provider representative and explain what the business wishes to accomplish within a stated budget. The business needs to identify topics, length of the writing assignment, deadline and any required keywords. The order is placed in a pool and accepted by an available writer. Clients may also browse authors’ profiles and submit a direct order to a particular individual for a writer-specified price per word. The client pays the content provider who retains a certain percentage of the fee before compensating the writer.

In summary, content providers supply a valuable service to small business owners who want to increase revenues but don’t have the time or skill to write their own promotional material. Authors can work within a specified budget and time constraint, and clients have the ability to choose an author based on a posted profile.

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